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Brief Introduction to Famous Mud Gun Brands

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Vibrating screen is a solid control system which is widely used in Mud gun drilling engineering is an important part of. How to install and debugging is a very important part of.

Screen can be used alone in famous mud gun brands, or with a combination of two or more, the slurry into the pipe manifold, according to the user's requirements.

Install and replace the screen famous mud gun brands cloth: screen cloth is an expensive part for this equipment; its installation quality directly affects its service life. Bolt stretcher adopts fixed screen cloth during famous mud gun brands.

The regulation of the inclination of mud gun sieve box: when too much mud emissions or escape, due to high viscosity, inclination of sieve box should be regulated. Is a best Angle to prevent escape? The Angle of inclination of sieve box facility can by value, including 0 °, 0 °, 1 °, 2 ° and 3 °, 4 °, 5 ° in numerical control. Adjustment, oil return valve should be hand pump, screw down tightly. At the same time, gently press the manual rocker, until the lifting sliding sleeve will go up a little. Through this step, will have needle extraction pressure, complete by hand. Hydraulic cylinder motion will change the Angle of screen box. When the adjustment is completed, until the bolt pin insertion and oil return valve is unscrewed the factory will not resume their work. And the screen is in its operations, size should be covers 3/4 of the mud gun cloth. And to improve VSM shaker purification effect and the thin mesh screen must be replaced.

Fixed screen box in the process of transportation: in order to prevent damage in transit, please remember: lock the yoke should be tightly locked in transport, make sure there are no relative movement between a screen box, and the base. Lock the yoke should be unlocked before mud gun start; otherwise, the machine will be severely damaged.

Machinery is a production, machinery and equipment used for the construction of the important factors, because of the material, process, environment condition and artificial factor; it will gradually be worn parts, deformation, fracture, corrosion, etc. VSM shaker has zero a gradual increase in the degree of wear parts, will have the most advanced equipment deterioration state will occur inevitably reduces the various functions and precision of fault, equipment, or use value or even a loss. Maintenance equipment maintenance concept definition is for the general equipment maintenance and repair, maintenance each do, to keep equipment in good condition, including wiped clean, oil lubrication, inspection, adjustment and so on work; Maintenance work in all of the complete recovery of equipment to set up a function, VSM shaker including fault diagnosis and troubleshooting, testing and troubleshooting of overhaul, etc.

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