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Brief Introduction to Decanter centrifuge buyers

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Decanter centrifuge buyers while working in the vibration state thus vibrating screen. Due to produce and strong vibration sieve vertical or nearly vertical faces Decanter centrifuge, smaller than the screen mesh of fine grained quickly become delivered by mesh products. Decanter centrifuge, with high processing capacity and up to 80% of the screening efficiency, and simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, less consumption, are widely used in the separation process.

The types of decanter centrifuge is more, the appearance of various vibrating screen are basically the same, but the vibration sieve of different components and working principle.

Eccentric vibrating screen is relying on the eccentric shaft and make the vibration sieve in high speed rotation, the so called eccentric shale shaker.

1.The structure of eccentric vibrating screen: eccentric refusing action sieve is mainly composed of sieve box, screen surface, eccentric shaft, the disc, balances of several major parts, etc. Eccentric vibrating sieve box into a rectangular frame with ordinary steel plate welding, Decanter centrifuge buyers are appropriate fixed on its shape and size of mesh punching steel silk screen surface or metal screen surface, eccentric shaft with the two side of the screen is equipped with VSM shaker rolling bearings, the heart in a rolling bearing, the left and right sides of the transmission shaft sieve to 15. 25 'based on the Angle of tilt installed in shaft on each side of a disc, on the disc is equipped with balances.

2.The working process and principle of eccentric vibrating screen: eccentric shaft rotation, eccentric vibrating screen work rises when the Shaker screen upward movement sieve, sieve on the material being thrown up and loose, when the eccentricity downward movement sieve, thrown up materials lend weight to fall back to the screen surface, material after many throw up on the screen, whereabouts and make less than the fine particle of mesh by mesh be undersize, VSM shaker is greater than the mesh on the screen of coarse grain to a product by sieve end for the screen, so as to achieve the various granularity of particle swarm screen into different granularity levels products.

3.The eccentric vibrating screen in the process of high speed vibration by large inertia force, to make base against damages and equipped with balances, balances the movement direction is just the reverse of the movement direction of the sieve, produced by the inertia force and inertia force of sieve size is equal in the opposite direction, to ensure the eccentric vibrating screen work stable and reliable. If necessary can be adjusted balances and the distance between the eccentric shafts to meet above requirement.

4.Eccentric vibrating screen for rigid vibration, while the amplitude changes over load on screen, but the strong vibration of the work of the very adverse to machinery and buildings. The new mill plant has been rarely used. Inertia vibrating screen is used in heavy objects on the transmission shaft with the axis of VSM shaker rotation and the inertial force to produce vibration sieve, so called inertia vibrating screen.

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