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Brief Introduction of the Sand Pump

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Sand pump is a kind of centrifugal slurry pump; it used for sending suspension contains sand and slag. Their impellers mostly are open impellers. Sand pump liners are generally divided into two types: wear metals and wear rubber. Further, put the high pressure water into the sliding portions of the pump shaft, to prevent sediment enter the sliding parts. This sand pump can be used to transport the granularity is more than 48 mesh or larger coarse solid liquids.

Chinese began to have artificial sour sand mine in a long time ago. In 1673, Chinese had used nearby natural water, digging ditches, diver water to wash sand. After years of research and progress, people started to use sand pump to dig sand. There are two main methods: foundation pit pioneering method and trench pioneering method. The foundation pit pioneering method is that dug a foundation pit which is 40 ~ 50m long and 10m wide in the mining field, and layout sand pump to transport. According to the thickness of the ore body, the foundation pit can dug the deposit sub-floor once or segmented, the depth of pit slurry pond is generally about 1.5m. The trench pioneering method is to dig trench, set the output channel in the trench ore, transport placer. The most common method is to punch mining. Punch mining gun inlet pipe diameter is from 150mm to 200mm,the diameter of the nozzle is 38 ~ 65mm, the pressure head is 50 ~ 150m. The water consumption is 1.7 to 14 times of sand amount. The moving step of gun is 4 ~ 6m, the moving step of sand pump is 50 ~ 200m. Or put forward the slurry tank firstly, when the sand pump suction pipe lengthened to 50 ~ 90m, then move the sand pump. Hydraulic mining is generally not available for cold regions. In the region that the temperature is below 5℃, there should be proof measures, such as pumps, pipes, etc. Pre-loose sands can improve gun efficiency; reduce water consumption and mining costs.

Sand pump is mainly applied in the mining, coal, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries. Sand pump more general sense refers to the environmental protection, dredging, dredging and other industries. These series sand pumps most are ES or G series. ES series sand pump mostly are horizontal, single centrifugal pump casing structure. Using a special clamp to clamp pumps body and pump cover, pump outlet direction is at any one position 360 degrees, and it is easy to install. The sand pump bearings components use cylindrical structure, easy to adjust the clearance between the impeller and the pump body; it can be overall dismantled in maintenance. The bearings use grease lubrication. The shaft seal forms of the sand pump are three, packing seal, expeller seal and mechanical seal. Using a variety of speeds and multiple variants ways, makes the sand pump run at optimum conditions.

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