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Brief Introduction of Vacuum Degasser

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The appearance of degasser brings convenience for many areas. Today we are going to give an brief introduction on a kind of high technology degasser which is called vacuum degasser.

Actually the kind of degasser has two types, atmospheric and vacuum degasser . From the perspective of the principle of degassing, we can see when drilling fluid is mechanical mixed; gas can escape from the vacuum pump. Vacuum degassing apparatus for vacuum suction can form a thin layer with two kinds of function, but atmospheric type degasser only has the function of mechanical agitation. In terms of degassing effect, vacuum degasser is obviously superior to the atmospheric type degasser.

Vacuum degasser is commonly used to remove the gas in the gas drilling fluid. It should achieve the function of the whole flow processing capacity. Vacuum degasser must be placed in a vibrating screen before and after sand pump start to deal with drilling fluid. Because the system contains gas drilling fluid, the centrifugal sand pump corrosion will occur. The corrosion will make the degradation of sand pump performance, noise, vibration or the shortened lifespan. It may be more serious that the shear pump will not work or get damaged.

There are two main functions about vacuum degasser. A drilling fluid performance is relatively stable which can prevent the blowout and kick accident and ensure drilling safety. It can ensure the normal order of the cyclone. In addition, when people are working underground, they must be equipped with vacuum degasser.

Vacuum degasser is also one of the necessary equipments in fruit juice and fruit tea production line. They need to make their uniform juice under vacuum degassing, so as to prevent the oxidation of the juice and this can help prolong the storing period time of the juice. What's the function of the vacuum degasser? What matters need to be paid attention when using the machine from time to time? When using vacuum degasser, you should form a complete set of vacuum pump and pump out the air in the system according to the instructions. At the same time the material from the inlet is sucked into the system. When the material is sent to a certain position, the control valve will automatically control material.

At this point you can observe and control the feeding speed from sight hole. When the vacuum degree in the system achieves process requirement, you can extract material from the export. As long as a balance of vacuum degree is achieved, the machine can continue to produce. Power generation equipment structure of feed system is in order to prevent corrosion. Therefore you need to rule out non-condensable gas in water mixture, such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen, air, etc. And it can heat the water and open heat exchangers to maintain a certain pressure. There are many considerations for using vacuum degasser. You should open the lid before using each time or use hot water to clean the vessel. When using vacuum degasser you should keep the sealing parts is good without leakage phenomenon. You should also regularly check diaphragm pressure gauges to maintain its accuracy.

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