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Brief Introduction of Shale Shaker

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Shale shaker has been a powerful line of defense for drilling fluid for many years because it can improve working efficiency of solid control equipment. It plays a significant role in oilfield projects and has many different forms. At the very beginning, shale shakers are only small and simple equipment that can only remove some simple material. And today’s shakers are equipped with advanced technology with outstanding performance.

If you are going to use mud cleaner for the first time and need some simple train, here is the right place. Shale shaker is the first stage of solid control system that can remove cutting from the drilling fluids. Centrifugal pump is also part of the system and it can be used for transporting drilling mud as well as a supplier for the mud desander. It is a helpful device that can separate particles from liquid such as oil and water.

In oilfield industry, shale shaker is usually applied for getting rock particles out of drilling fluid. Shale shaker plays an indispensable role in the process because it can revoke rock cutting and can help to reduce the risk of overheating during the drilling. It often works as remover in the solids control system, unwanted materials such as gas, rock, and contaminants can be revoked easily through the device. It can remain highly safe even though it is used over and over again.

If you want to fully understand how shale shakers work, you need to know how it connects with other parts of the solid control system. In oil drilling fluid, oils are transferred through drilling cable into the bore. During this step, particles and other debris are carried by the fluid. When the fluids are directed into the shale shaker, removal part begins to work. There is a wire mesh screen in the drilling equipment, when fluids travel through the screen, solid materials such as rock, sand can be blocked by it and remain on the top of the screen. And the vibrating tray can accelerate the removing process.

We can know that shale shaker screen is the key part of the removing process; therefore we need to select a suitable shale shaker screen that can help to get rid of particles effectively. There are different sizes of hole of the wire mesh screen of the shaker, and different sizes of the hole can block different solid materials. Before you choose the shale shaker screen, you need to decide what kinds of thing you are going to extract. The smaller the holes, the smaller particle it can remove. Another thing that we should pay attention to about the shale shaker screen is that it would be better to choose materials that can resist corrosion. For example, galvanized steel is a good selection since it can work under undesired working condition.

Shale shakers have many advantages and very useful in oil drilling. They can be used to wash the drilling fluid. Without the help of shale shaker, particles could bring damage to the machine and reduce working efficiency.

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