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Brief Introduction of Mission Pump

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Mission pump is to point to in the process of drilling oil in the mud or water rinses the mechanical transmission. Mission pump is an important part of drilling equipment. Mission pump are circulating drilling in common, it is washing medium surface it ─ ─ water, mud or polymer rinses under certain pressure, through high pressure hose, the most commonly used pump is mission pump piston or plunger, driven by engine crankshaft rotary pump, crankshaft by cross to drive the piston or plunger in the mission pump cylinder for reciprocating motion. In under the action of alternating suction and discharge valve, the purpose of the press is offered to circulation flushing fluid.

The pressure of the mission pump depends on the depth of drilling, washing fluid resistance by the number of channels and the conveying of flushing fluid properties, etc. The deeper the borehole is the pipeline resistance, the greater the need of the higher the pressure is. Along with the change of diameter, depth, requirement of mission pump displacement can at any time to adjust. In the mission pump body is equipped with the gearbox or hydraulic motor to adjust the speed in order to achieve the goal of change of displacement. In order to accurately grasp the change of the stress and displacement pump, you should know the mission pump is installed on the flow meter and pressure gauge; at any time make the drilling personnel to understand the status of other pump, pressure change at the same time by identifying whether hole conditions normal to prevent accident.

The mission pumps cylinder liner, cylinder head, cylinder head, tie rod. Mission pump consists of piston pressure plate, cup, piston, piston rod, piston rod, into the drain valve, drain valve seat, crosshead, crosshead, crosshead pin shaft, crankshaft, connecting rod, connecting rod and watts, copper sets, connecting rod bolt and mother, crown type nut, skeleton oil seal, O ring, bearings and matching gear, shaft or the quality problem, It should be noted in the purchase and use.

Before starting, people should check whether mission pump’s pressure pipe, outlet pipe blockage, forward bearing is loaded with butter, after check with packing. Mission pump shall be equipped with high pressure fresh water pump at work, which will be bigger than the mission pump pressure water lose to the leak proof packing, packing for protection. Mission pump rinse pump shall not be shut down at work. Otherwise, it will make the seal parts of rapid wear. Clearance between impeller and guard plate is reasonable, which had a great influence on mission pump life. Gap is unreasonable, vibration and noise when the mission pump is running, flow components damage quickly. Thus replacing the impeller and make clearance should be paid attention to meet the requirements of the drawings. Gap adjustment, can adjust screw on the rear bearing body. Suction without the permission of the slurry pump is measured when conveying water, should consider when pumping mud affects on absorbing ability.

Many famous mission pump brands come into people’s eyes. They should identify which brands are really having high quality.

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