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Brief Introduction of Centrifugal Pump

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Nearly all straight pumping machines which are low viscosity fluids need to apply centrifugal pump . There are several kinds of centrifugal pumps such as single stage and stages which can be stacked in flow arrangement. Thus what is centrifugal pump? The second kind can produce high output pressure. They are not too complicate in concept and relatively easy in construction, they have pretty good performance at a moderate pressure. This kind of pump can be used in all kinds of material such as plastics, ceramics and metals.

Through piping system, centrifugal pump can transport liquid and fluid like water, oil to different tank. It is very helpful in transporting large sum of fluid especially when floating substance is contained. Generally speaking, centrifugal pumps have compact structure, light weight and low noise, it is easy to maintain and consume less energy.

Answering the question what is centrifugal pump, centrifugal pump has a simple construction, powered by electric motor which can be range from 1725 to 5000 rpm, and the most common one being used is 3450 rpm. The main port of the centrifugal pump is impeller. It is used for providing motivation and it is the key component for the functioning of the pump. It is placed inside the pump house and attached to the shaft. The impeller can help increase the speed of the pipe system. Machine with this kind of pump is widely used in industries like water treatment and food processing plant. In the middle of the impeller is the inlet. How the pump works? Electric motor will produce rotational kinetic energy and force the pump rotate. When liquid or fluid go into the impeller, the impeller blade will develop centrifugal force and the force will becoming more and more strong until it reach the highest rpm and at the same time liquid is pushed outward from the center of the impeller. The impeller has similar working principle as propeller without blades.

Centrifugal pumps have several stages to overcome gravity especially for deep well pump. The deeper the well is, the higher pressure will be, and therefore it is common that deep well pumps have many stages. Centrifugal pumps are applied in wide range of industry such as domestic, industrial and vehicular application; they include water pump, well pump, swimming pool pump, heating and cooling circulation pump and so on.

There are certain considerations you need to pay attention to. Before working the centrifugal pumps, make sure that it is full of liquid when the pump is lower than the liquid level because it is not self-priming. I cannot create pressure but create flow. When changing the liquid, you need to adjust the amount of power, check specific gravity the fluid need. The higher the rating is, the more power is needed.

Stack sizer is mining equipment, it is applied to make a higher efficiency which is very useful; it serves as a gravity separator and can remove impurity as the same time. It is very common in coal industry to obtain energy recovery. It is also suggested that using stack sizer to clean fine coal. It has large capacity in separation

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