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Brief Description Petroleum Solid Control System

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Here are tips for solid control system operator; petroleum Solid control system applicable to 2000-7000 meters during drilling of oil wells, oil solid control system consists of a combination of 3-7 modular tank components. Purification jars conical bottom end using the new structure, the edge of the mud mixing system using easy grit; between the tank and the entire circulatory system can, between positions and positions that can be separated, but also China Unicom, to meet the needs of drilling operations, including the bottom of the suction manifold valve open and flexible, after closing reliable sealing. The entire circulatory system configuration 5 purification equipment, ancillary equipment in the shaker, mud cleaner Desanding addition, except for the use of air and vacuum blender, new oil drilling mud purification system, reducing emissions from the mud you should know, with obvious environmental protection.

Tips for solid control system operator ---- solid control system processes

Solid control system includes a drilling fluid out of the system after returning from the wellhead to the drilling circulating pump suction full range of amenities this process. System is placed on the ground the way there I, and L type three. Drilling fluid from the well head back out through the elevated aqueduct or stealing shale shaker tube to import a first stage purification, and then again into the drilling fluid desander, in addition to drilling mud centrifuge and the second, third , four purification. Based on the foregoing, in the fourth stage purification process, the media should be treated desilter underflow or overflow. If the application degasser, are required to determine the installation location foregoing, in general, should be based on the level of purification rig size and requirements, choose the third, four purification equipment.

Tips for solid control system operator ---- select solid control system of auxiliary equipment

Tips for solid control system operator ---- mud agitator

Mud agitator function is to maintain the stability of drilling fluid properties, so the agitator impeller discharge of drilling fluid must speed up the suspended solid phase in the tank is greater than the downward sedimentation rate, and thus the impeller diameter and speed of the stirrer given work volume is certain. Drilling fluid circulation stirrer to stir within the working volume of the first time is called the cycle time. Stirrer motor power is fluid density 2.4kg / L when the draw is. Therefore, the practical application of motor power surplus Jiaotong University, the probability of occurrence of damage is very low. Be provided with a stirrer working volume in the center plane of the impeller according to the tank bottom which is between one-third to one-quarter the size of the impeller diameter. Otherwise stir ineffective.

Tips for solid control system operator ---- drilling gun (mud gun)

Gun drilling action rely on the high speed liquid flow generated by the nozzle of the gun body, the impact of the storage bottom drilling sedimentary solid suspension. Meanwhile, when the agitator stopped for some time, the deposition of the solid phase and the need to bury the impeller restart, gun drilling work could eliminate some drag torque stirrer startup, which provides a reliable guarantee for the normal work of the stirrer.

Tips for solid control system operator ---- aggravated funnel (Jet Mixing Device)

In order to increase the funnel of the drilling fluid during the drilling process or a small amount of heavier drilling configuration, the pump suction tank is usually provided in the vicinity of the drilling heavier hopper discharge line should reach the storage tank and suction tank for rapid processing of vacuum degasser.

Tips for solid control system operator ---- manifold arrangement

When drilling in deep wells, to facilitate rapid processing of underground accidents manifold shall be arranged so that drilling can quickly suction pump suction tank in addition to drilling each tank, hopper discharge liquid can increase the suction tank and fed to each storage tank these rely on pipelines and valves to control.

Tips for solid control system operator ---- There is a special device in the oil solid control system - Derrick shaker

The drilling of the wells wills first flow through the pipeline into the shaker isolated that harmful slime and large size solid drilling.

The following properties of the shaker solids control equipment, and the cost of the drilling fluid, such as the efficiency of the purification system has a greater influence, the most important is the total drilling costs. Now, solids control equipment in the global market, there are many well-known brands, such as Derrick shaker, MI-Swasco, Brandt & KOSUN etc. In this article we will compare the differences between the 2000 Derrick FLC linear montion KOSUN a shaker.

Derek - was founded in 1950, specializing in the design and manufacture of oil and gas drilling industry for fine screening equipment and screen surface technology. KOSUN, founded in 1992 , is China 's first solid control equipment, solid control system and equipment for oil and gas drilling, not only in the design and manufacturing expertise, but also the CBM ( coal bed Mathone ) and the shale gas explosion, KOSUN horizontal directional drilling, industrial waste management services in these industries with over 20 years of experience, have access to sophisticated technology to design and manufacture equipment and spare parts of these solids, especially shaker, mud cleaners, centrifuges.

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