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Brandt Shaker Predicts Lost Circulation

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About seventy percent of the Brandt shaker input data are taken for training about how to repair solid control equipment. There is another fifteen percent for Brandt shaker testing and the rest for validation of the entire shear pump network. In fact, a set of data show that the drilling projects demonstrate good compatibility as long as we know how to repair solid control equipment. Real data can be collected from the oil drilling field and there is a comparison between Brandt shaker predictions and real data. As it is obvious, precision is very important when it comes to repair solid control equipment. In general low mud loss is adorable but it is not good in every case.

This can be attributed to data inconsistency in the Brandt shaker input parameters. Meanwhile, lots of parameters affect lost circulation but they may not be considered along input data. At the same time, Brandt shaker will make some deviation from reality and one of the effective factors can be selected to treat lost circulation. In order to illustrate the importance to repair solid control equipment in oil drilling engineering, the precise procedures should be reported qualitatively. With the help of these rules, the oil drilling network would be able to report the drilling results qualitatively rather than quantitatively. As it can be seen from the generated network, Brandt shaker can almost precisely predict type of lost circulation in the first place. Some experts have conducted particle plugging experiments on three different core materials and the studies indicate that significant permeability can be ensured after we repair solid control equipment.

The overall drilling performance is related to the mean pore throat size of VSM shaker. And there might be more than three micron suspensions throughout the entire length of the solid control equipment. What is more, as particle size increases, the drilling force is gradually shifted toward the injection end of the drilling core. When suspended particles in the Brandt shaker flow through a porous medium, the operative plugging mechanism depends on the characteristics of the particles. This is because the characteristics of the oil well formation are linked to the nature of the interaction between the particles and the solid control equipment.

The particle size ratio is the most important parameter in the Brandt shaker filtration process after we repair solid control equipment. It has been found that large particle size ratios tend to generate a rapid flow of oil. On the other hand, particle retention and formation damage might take place according to the suspension filtration theory inside Brandt shaker. This is true until the Brandt shaker retention concentration reaches the critical value in the torque balance.

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