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Brand-making Under Pyramid--ECDC - 6 drilling crew

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On May 22, from the bulletin of glad tidings of western international drilling company Egypt project department, the No.5 Wells RE - 30 Well made by Egypt project department ECDC - 6 drilling crew in Egypt's eastern desert oil field this years, won a qualified acceptance. Since October 2007,Western drilling projects in Egypt signed the new 5 + 4 fee contract with Egypt ESHPETCO fields,project department ECDC - 6 end WASCO oilfield drilling crew have been safely and successfully complete seven high pressure gas well drilling contract. The site of ECDC - 6 drilling crew construction well adjacent to the red sea, is located in the east of Egypt ESHPETCO of the desert oil field. Since ECDC - 6 drilling crew spud in January, the Chinese personnel set first record of the oil field drilling: "three month" :drilling, well completion,moving at the same month with high drilling fluids desilter technical quality, strict management.

This year is the first year of the western drilling company set up after the restructuring of international company, the ECDC fighting under the Egyptian pyramids - 6 drilling crew to let Mr Employees issued the harmonious notes, hit the "gold" brand."The heart of People do not come loose, team not disorderly, backbone not gone, features not lost", ECDC - 6 drilling crew remain the desilter and desander equipment and personal underground safety for three consecutive years .In 2007, the team use drilling fluids desilter to found out five productive Wells in the Nile delta hinterland which United States companies threated as non-drilling area. The first party increased a active drilling fluids desilter service price by 40%, and signed one-time 5 + 4drilling contract in 2008. It is very rare in Egypt drilling market, at the same time also reverse the unfavorable situation of the project management, at the same time promote a solid foundation in the western drilling brand laid .The team staff excellent drilling fluids desilter technical quality knock the Socks off the first party.Once, in the construction of RE - 19 Wells, the drill blocked at the height of the 1300m, the team propose a solution to the drilling supervision to puts forward the construction plan of "pour delimit eye" according to circumstances.After adoption, problems did not appear during the construction, RE - 19 Well was finished with less than 15 days by the drilling crew using drilling fluids desilter safety after the last one meter design penetration.This accomplishment of the well drilling construction did not only improves the efficiency but also reduce the drilling cost for the first party,in addition, they saved the drilling cycle about 5 days.

The first thing to worry about of drilling construction abroad is the problem of solids control equipment, ECDC - 6 drilling crew is ready to solve it..The team appoint someone on the team management, maintenance and repair the centrifuge, desilter,desander, especially for the problem that it is easy to jam in drilling fluids desilter, Chinese personnel always do early screening in order to early to overcome, and begin, order processing and suspension flow tube interface ahead of time, buy NO.2 drilling fluids desilter, welding with the same size in advance during the move in case of urgent need, to ensure the equipment in good condition.1 to 5 months of this year, the team never affect project operation fee due to equipment problems.

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