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Benefits and Features of Shear Pump

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Drilling shear pumps are usually applied in drilling fluids solid control because shear pump can provide quick concoction of mud and therefore less time will be needed and increase drilling efficiency. Shear pumps have high performance and many advantages which make it one of the most popular drilling equipment.

People choose shear pump because of its high performance. For example, drilling shear pump can largely increase the hydration of the soil particles, and the machine can shear and hydrate the compound within quite a short time and it can save more than 30% of the betonies. Also, it has bigger ability of mixing and mud processing than other types of equipment. What’s more, they have higher flow rate to make up for disposing mud.

There are several parts in shear pump, including impeller, volute, packing case, shaft, combination belt and other machines. Drilling shear pump has more complicate structure impeller than other pump and also the impeller is the most important part of the shear pump because it can work highly efficient. Shear pump can mix and hydrate the material completely and save some mud material, it can also help to reduce configuration time and serves as an excellent helper to the well drilling operation. In situation when high performance of mud is needed, shear pump can treat the mud very fast and consumes less mixing time. In this way, drilling benefits are improved greatly.

Drilling shear pump is designed to meet with the requirement of solid control system and prepare drilling fluid for oilfield well drilling. Shear pump can treat high property mud but can let the mud remain its good rheological properties. Drilling shear pump is the ideal equipment for solid control system and can make the drilling cost as low as possible. This kind of drilling pump has become very popular and gets high evaluation of the user because of its high performance.

Drilling shear pump is a kind of centrifugal pump which is also named shearing pump. It is mainly used for shearing mud chemicals and betonies. Generally speaking, shear pump can work better rather than a centrifugal pump. The most common type of drilling shear pump is impeller style version which can work as pumping and mixing. The integrated impeller has large flow rate and lifts and better improve the efficiency. One special feature of drilling shear pump that make it more popular than other centrifugal pump is that it can offer extra blending when reticulating or transferring. It can also serve as a pump or blender combination in other processes such as supplemental mixing.

Drilling shear pump is useful solid control system equipment that can meet with different purposes and requirements. In the recent years, the total amount of drilling shear pump is in great demand on account of its high performance and advanced technology. Our company is professional drilling equipment manufacturer and supplier offer the world with offer the world with drilling shear pumps. We now have oilfield and drilling mud system for sale, we render the best quality of drilling shear pump with reasonable prices and reliable service.

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