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Basic Knowledge of Vertical Degasser

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How to remove the waste in the drilling liquid and circularly use the drilling liquid in the mining industry were problems in early ages. Many scientists thought various solutions but the effect of the solutions is weak and hopeless. However, till drilling equipment comes out, the difficult problems block the development of the mining industry has been removed at the same time the lack of oil has perfectly release. Drilling equipment is not only a machine but a combination of different kinds of equipments and one of the most useful equipment is vertical degasser.

Vertical degasser is one component of the drilling equipment. It is used as an accessory in the mining process and plays an important role in the mining industry. Vertical degasser is amazing equipment utilized to remove the gas from the mud. The types of the gas in the mud are methane, carbon oxide and hydrogen sulfide. The methane is flaming gas which is easy to lead to explode in the mining industry so that it is quite dangerous and should be removed from the mud as soon as possible. The carbon oxide is one of the common gases in the world so that there is much carbon oxide gas in the mud. In the other words, the carbon oxide gas has occupies too many room in the mud and reduce the efficiency of mud movement. As a result, removing the carbon oxide in the mud should be done by the workers. The last common gas in the mud is hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide is corrosive and unhealthy. It is poisonous that it can slow the brain movement of human beings. In the most serious condition, workers who have inhaled too much hydrogen sulfide will become unconscious and his brain is going to being hurt. For these reasons, the remove of the hydrogen sulfide should also be dealt with as soon as possible. In a nut shell, there are many different kinds of gas exists in the mud and for the high-efficiency, high-safety and low cost of the mining process, the vertical degasser must take action in mining industry. The vertical degasser is really quite important in the vertical degasser application.

The vertical degasser has different types to satisfy with various customers and their needs. There are roughly two types. One is vacuum tank degasser and another one is atmospheric degasser. Vacuum tank degasser is more popular than atmospheric one. Vacuum means that the air pressure in the degasser is nearly zero and sure to be lower than the air pressure of the mud. So thanks to the pressure principle, the gas in the mud is going to flow out. Then the vacuum pumps would like to remove the gas in the tube quickly. Atmospheric degasser is use the quick fluid principle to remove the gas. The pressure around the quick fluid is lower than pressure in the mud so that the gas can move out.

In conclusion, in the drilling equipment, the vertical degasser plays an important role and it can never be replaced.

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