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Basic Knowledge You Need to Know As a Buyer

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When the device migraine pain after prolonged use falling blocks migraine pain, perhaps the size of the block is not common, the linear oscillating sieve shaker femoral artery and symmetrical layout of the onset of migraine pain block high-speed operation. Migraine pain at the moment to promptly replace the block layout, guarantee linear vibrating king cobra screen big and small blocks of two tendencies together, work balance. Bearing linear oscillating sieve after abnormal speed, it is easy to attack the conflict and temperature rise. When the linear oscillating sieve bearing deficient smooth finish or a smooth finish equipment does not meet the increased demand, leading to the labyrinth seal device presents shaker blocked, the temperature distribution across the bearing will rule the scale value at the moment to view the device smooth and timely system of guarantee smooth finish adequate sanitation, if found will have to install blocking appearances bearing thorough health ; perhaps damaged when the bearing ring if presented showing wear and tear after cracking appearance, a timely replacement of seals and bearings, linear oscillating sieve adjustment from scratch after heavy.

Theoretical results and the application of the results of 30 years, professor obtains the promotion will be applied to practical engineering. For example, a self-synchronous exciter vibration deflection of large shaker screen buyers, Derrick Screen inertial probability of resonance, the tremor crusher new structure and new construction vibration cooling machine, and successfully applied in industrial field, has achieved remarkable economic benefits and social benefits, won the national award, national science and technology progress prize and more than 10 provincial and ministerial awards.

Proposed a more dynamic derrick screen mechanical shaker system design theory and methods, particularly dynamic design theory and method of nonlinear mechanical shaker Carolina, as well as dynamic optimization, intelligent optimization and visualization for the content of integrated design optimization shaker screen buyers method for high-quality the design of these products, particularly new product research and development and provide a theoretical reference plant basis.

Professor summary smell and volatility of long-term use of the King cobra screen, vibration system of research and testing technology and equipment theoretical aspects of the work carried out for the shaker with multiple branch of engineering (such as vibration control synchronization sync with the application of the theory, nonlinear vibration use, spread the use of wave energy and other branches) created a theoretical basis.

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