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Basic Knowledge You Need to Know About Shaker Screen

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The pharmaceutical industry is closely related to people's relationship with the body, therefore, the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry is very strict. Pharmaceutical industry filter material is also very strict, basic shaker screen professionals tips used in the pharmaceutical industry must be 304 or 304 stainless steel, does not allow access to certain material containing impurities, as a result, rubber parts, also must meet the health standard for food grade (silica gel), and the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry Brant screen equipment used must pass GMP production standards. Bottles for pharmaceutical, have very strict requirements, must accord with standard of GMP pharmaceutical industry, whether the call will be contaminated with drug through a sieve.

In fact, as a less sophisticated brant screen machine, called GMP standard, In fact, the material must be 304 stainless steel, the choice of rubber parts, must choose medicine grade, polishing equipment must be inside and outside, no black spots, no fault.

Shaker during operation, often due to the "hard to hard" relations with the metal parts wear and scratches cause, such as shaker spindle bearings bit of wear and other failures. The problems mentioned above, the traditional enterprise solutions brush after welding or machining repair, but there are some drawbacks of both : high-temperature thermal stress generated by welding cannot be completely eliminated, neither welding heat stress, repair thickness not restricted, while products with metallic materials do not have to give way, can fascinate shock vibration equipment again to avoid wear and greatly prolong the service life of the gear machineries, save a lot of time, making huge economic value.

Technical and economic indicators of the shaker screen professional’s tips screening process are screening efficiency and productivity, the former mass index, which is the number of indicators. There is a relationship between them, but also on many other factors, these factors determine the result of the derrick screen . Factors affecting the screening process can be roughly divided into three categories:

Screen of corporeal properties of materials, counting particle size composition itself, humidity, mud gratified and particle form. When large fines content material, Derrick Screen efficiency is also big. But the bigger the grid size, the smaller the influence of moisture, therefore, the big wet material containing water, in order to improve the screening process, the general method can be used to increase the mesh, or wet sieving. Contains a large amount of mud materials (mud when more than 8%) should be used wet sieving, and before cleaning.?

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