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Basic Information About Desilter material

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Energy is the foundation of the national economy, is the power source of social production and life. For now, as a one-time representative of desilter, oil and natural gas is still the main source of global energy. However, the primary energy is limited, global energy depletion problem has attracted more and more attention. Solve the energy problem, Decanter centrifuge mainly rely on expanding energy sources. The transformation of economic growth mode, improves energy efficiency, and actively develops new energy sources and other measures. Taking into account the long-term energy security of supply, we must vigorously develop including wind, solar and other renewable energy sources. Theoretically, renewable energy can continue to meet the needs of global economic growth. Therefore, renewable energy is now the real way to solve the energy problem. Of all the renewable energy sources, wind energy development in the last decade the fastest time, wind energy utilization technology matures. In particular, the use of wind power, with a low cost, flexible and installed capacity, pollution-free, reliable, easy-to- energy and other complementary advantages. Wind energy as a reliable source of energy production and life, Decanter centrifuge has very important significance.

Desilter material is mainly used for urban sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants and industrial wastewater larger diameter circular sedimentation tanks, excluding settlement in the bottom of the vacuum degasser and scum excluding the pool surface.

Drive desilter material rotating around the center of the sedimentation tank, raw water after the settler, the supernatant is discharged from the overflow weir, settling at the bottom of the sludge, the logarithmic spiral curved blade driven slowly to flow along the bottom center of the mud tank, exhaust pipe through the mud. While the surface of the pool area concentrated scum scum baffle between the blade and, when the working surface of the bridge through the dross floating in the pool discharge tube, the discharge tube is press dross to the surface, through the dross discharge tube discharge outside the pool.

Category: scraper mainly peripheral drive desilter material, scraper concentrated Center Drive. Center desilter material concentrated mainly by overflow device, beams and railing, inlet tube, transmission, electrical boxes, steady flow tube, spindle, scum rake board, scraping collection devices, underwater bearings, small blade, slag bucket, scum rake boards and other components. Center Drive concentrated scraper function further separation thickener sludge free water in order to reduce the volume of sludge to improve sludge concentration, the concentrated sludge exclude outside pool.

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