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Basic Information About Centrifugal Pump for Buyers

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Selection of centrifugal pump need to based on the following rules: (1) determine the type of transmission fluid according to the nature and operating conditions; (2) based on the traffic (general mandate given by the manufacturer) and the calculation of the required pipeline pressure head to determine the pump model (select from a catalog); (3) a transmission fluid viscosity and density difference between the larger and the water should be accounted, which including flow, pressure head and shaft power.

When selecting centrifugal pumps may have several models meet this requirement within the optimum operating range, this time, the efficiency can be determined separately for each pump operating point, compare the operating point on the merit selection.

Characterized by a single-stage centrifugal pump, flow, flow stable, but not high pressure generated at the head, the head varies with changes in flow rate. A small multi-stage centrifugal flow, as the pressure, is increased up to progression higher to meet long-range, high-lift transport. ISG vertical centrifugal pump, ISW horizontal centrifugal pump is the most widely used type in recent years with the rapid development of China's real estate stimulating the demand for high floor of water supply equipment. QDL vertical multistage decanter centrifuge is as its primary booster power, strong development momentum.

Explosion-proof centrifugal pump’s start, run, stop are three steps that are important, but the most important thing is to adjust the outlet valve. If suction state, the opening of the outlet valve may be a relatively large number, and if it is intrusion state, the opening of the outlet valve can be relatively small. Outlet valve to adjust the operating point of the pump design point closer the better, thus it will give the actual flow state close agreement with the theoretical design and high pump efficiency and conserve resources. Because the high-point of the pump are in the vicinity of the design point, or design point, of course, ultimately to a current without overloading as a precondition.

Due to the centrifugal pump buyers starts, it does not exist in the outlet pipe of the pump tubing resistance and resistance to lifting height. The Derrick shaker head is low, high traffic, and then pump motor (shaft power) large output (according to the pump performance curve). Derrick shaker is easy to overload, it will damage the motor and pump lines, so when you start to close the outlet valve to the pump running.

If you are a centrifugal pump buyer, the tips above is to let you know what is the working principle and working process of Derrick shaker and the pump, hope you can have a better understanding about the equipment you are going to purchase and you can share these tips to more centrifugal pump buyers.

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