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Applications of Sand Pump and its Classification

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Here are some applications and classification of the sand pump .

Generally, machines used to suck and delivery liquid, and increase the pressure on the liquid are referred to as the pump. From the energy point of view, the pump is a kind of energy conversion machine. It transfers the prime mover energy of the mechanical into the energy of the liquid, and then the liquid get flowing rate and pressure increase.

Now, sand pump as general machinery, it has been widely used in various fields of national economy. Such as in agricultural irrigation and drainage, city water supply and drainage, pump is indispensable. In all departments of industrial production, the pump is indispensable equipment, too. As in the city of many-storied buildings need to frequency conversion water supply pump, fire pump, spray pump, pipeline pump, multistage pump, hot water pump, and submersible sewage pump. In the power industry to the boiler feed water pump, forced circulation pump, circulating water pump, condensate pump, drainage pump, kerosene pump; in mining industry need to mine drainage pump, water filling pump, pump and other permanent mining coal; in the oil industry needs the mud pump, water pump, deep well mining pump, submersible pump, drainage pump, oil refining pumps; in the chemical industry need corrosion pump, pump, oil pump, shield pump, magnetic pump, metering pump; in traffic transport industry need the fuel pump, fuel pump, lubricating oil pump, hydraulic pump etc.

There are many types of sand pump, and can be classified according to its working principle, characteristics and uses of them. In addition to the above basic classification methods, there are other classification methods. By using sector, can be divided into different industrial pumps and agricultural pumps; industrial pumps can be divided into chemical pump, oil pump, power pump, mine pumps; according to different conveying fluid properties, can be divided into clear water pump, sewage pump, liquid ammonia acid mud pump and liquid metal pump; according to the pump performance, use width and the structure, can be divided into general pumps and special pumps; according to the size of the pump working pressure can be divided into low pressure pump, middle pressure pump, high pressure pump and super high pressure pump.

With the development of sand suction pumps, the classification of pump is in the continuous development. Uses of various types of pumps are different. As we can see, centrifugal pumps are used in the largest area. Generally, when the flow in 5 ~ 2000m./h, head in the range of 8 ~ 2800m, centrifugal pump will be more appropriate. Because in this performance range, centrifugal pump has advantages of high speed, small size, light weight, high efficiency, large flow rate, simple structure, stable performance, easy to operate and repair etc.. Practices over home and abroad show that the centrifugal pump create the highest output value in the pump products.

After reading these applications and classification of the sand pumps, you will have a better understanding of the machine.

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