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Application of the Mud Agitator

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The mud agitator belongs to a part of the drilling fluid solid control system and it is a necessary element in oil drilling equipments. And it is mainly used to stir and mix the drilling fluid to prevent the drilling fluid solid particles from being deposited in pot-type circulating system, making sure the solid performance of the drilling fluid. Therefore, the mud agitator plays an important role in oil drilling. The features of the mud agitator are as follows.

The first one is that the mud agitator adopts hollow flank worm reducer with cylindrical worm of circular arc as axle section. And its worm gear tooth profile is a circle that is clutched with the worm. Therefore, its convex-concave gearing performance is reliable with high efficiency and compact structure. And the second one is that it combines the reducer and explosion-proof electric machine. And the mud agitator has large stirring intensity and wide impact scope. In addition, the electric machine of the mud agitator is placed in a horizontal way, which makes sure convenient installation, adjustment as well as replacement.

The working principle of the brant screen mud agitator is very complex with many elements. The impeller of the brant screen mud agitator is able to make the stirring fluid create vortex movement to strengthen the stirring effect. And the tray between the blades can prevent the mud solid particles from being deposited around the lower leaf after closing down, which is able to reduce the drag torque that the sediment to the blades when starting, so that to avoid burning out the electric machine due to starting overload.

The maintenance during the application of the mud agitator is significant as well. During the installation of the brant screen mud agitator, it is possible to crane the agitator in a horizontal way and place on the installation position steadily. And after adjusting the coaxially, weld four holes to the tank and screw engine base and fix the bolts. What’s more, the rigid coupling of the brant screen mud agitator should be equipped with spring pad which is form and reliable, or it is possible to arouse deflection of the axle, intensifying the abrasion of the reducer. And during the application of the mud agitator, there should be no strange noise, too high temperature and other abnormal condition. If there is, it is possible to halt and check to remove the troubles. In addition, the fuel head of the brant screen mud agitator reducer should keep in the middle position of the watching oil window, so that it is possible to complement lube frequently during the application of the mud agitator. And pay attention to that it is necessary to prepare for lube with proper granularity to meet the requirements of the working condition.

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