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Application of Desilter

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Desilter has high separation capacity and the separation particle size range is wide, vortex bottom exit is shaped like umbrella "wet bottom", making the separation of the particles in the discharge quickly, reducing the probability of bottom exit jams..Advanced small two screen shale shaker can handle large quantity of mud and features with low noise, screen mesh long service life.Symmetrical mechanism makes the liquid in vortex distribution is reasonable and stable, which is the ideal choice for drilling mud level 3 solid phase control efficient cleaner equipment.

The main problems existing in the application process of desilter in our country:

Most of desilter manufacturing enterprises in our country are small, which is difficult to form a strong manufacturing and research strength for large-scale production.

Investment of our country for drilling fluid solids control loop in cleaning systems research is less, fundamental problems on intensive theory and experimental study of the key factor affecting the quality of the desilter is less, and the summary of practical experience is more abundant, so it is difficult to form a greater influence on the quality of the mud desilter.

Before the launch of new products, we always lack adequate laboratory testing.

Types of domestic vibrating screen desander are less, the lack of special structure type of vibrating screen, such as dry laundry vibrating screen, tracked the sieve analysis equipment.

Due to there are varying degrees of problems of materials, processing technology, processing precision and the quality of the general desander equipment used, the performance of desilter domestic has a certain gap with foreign equipment, on the service life of the equipment at the same time also shorter than same desander products abroad.

For domestic drilling crew equipped with mud desilter are less, so the clean function is not ideal making it can't give full play to the performance of drilling fluid, causing waste of reduces the working efficiency.

In recent years, domestic hydrocyclone research has larger breakthrough, but in the process level and the corrosion resistance of the development of the special material needs to be perfected.To improve the drilling fluid solids control level of circulating cleaning systems equipment, we must study the characteristics and the special requirements of all kinds of fields in China, carefully analyze the structure of draw lessons from foreign advanced equipment and design and manufacturing experience. Import the introduction of high and new technology, carries forward the spirit of innovation, tackling key problems in view of the difficulties one by one.Through continuous efforts, gradually complete the kinds of domestic solids control equipment, improve the technical performance and reliability, to meet the need of oil field in our country and entering the international market.

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