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Application Research on Vacuum Degasser

Posted by:    Time:2015-02-25     click: In this text, we do a lot of testing of the heating supply system of vacuum degasser. The test results show that the best degassing effect happens when the device starts. And it proves that in a system of completely water injection and test running, appropriate degassing is very important. It can let the equipment play the best effect. Through using vacuum degasser in the system, all the gas which may disturb the operation of system will be eliminated by vacuum degasser.
A practical application research of vacuum degasser
Designers, consultants and project installation personnel increasingly realize the importance of degassing for water for equipment. It can not only solve the problems of starting and test running, but also let you get over the complaints during the operation of system. Many systems have small corrosion pits on its pipeline and controlling elements. So degassing and scrumming for water for system is very important. Only vacuum degasser can eliminate the gas in the system.
Determine the types of gas
1. Big bubbles
Big bubbles can not be measured in flowing liquid. Only those gas eliminated from different kinds of vacuum degassers can be measured.
2. Small bubbles
The quantity of small bubbles can be measured through optical device and image processing software.
3. Dissolved gas
Under certain temperature and pressure, the gas will dissolve in the water according to the solubility coefficient. The total gas content can be measured online with a mobile device. This device can measure the density of dissolved gas accurately.
Phase of test running and results analysis
1. Impound to the main body of system
2. Start circulating pump
3. Start vacuum degasser and measuring equipment
4. Start boiler and automatic temperature control device
5. Test running adjusted induction system
6. Adjust pressure and heat for the floor, the system starts operating.
7. Adjust the vacuum degasser to run automatically.

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