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An Overview And Types of Mission Pump

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Mission pump’s role is largely with bit drilling mud in the drilling process into the underground, play a bit of cooling and cleaning tool, sessile, drive drilling borehole wall, and drilling cuttings back to the ground after the role. In common are circulating drilling, mission pump is raising the circulation medium ─ the surface water. Mud or polymer rinses rises through high pressure hose, faucet and center hole of mission pump column straight to the bottom of the drill bit under certain pressure, in order to achieve cooling the drill pieces and clear the debris and convey them to the surface. Commonly used mission pump piston or plunger were driven by engine crankshaft rotary pump. The crankshaft reciprocating moves by cross pump to drive the piston or plunger in the mission pump cylinder. Under the action of alternating suction and discharge valve, the purpose of the mission pump is to offer the circulation flushing fluid.

Mission pump types
Mission pump points single action and double action two kinds of type, single acting mission pump piston reciprocating motion of a loop only complete a suction drainage. And double-acting every reciprocating mission pump one time two suction drainage. If classification by number of mission pump cylinder, they can be divided into a single cylinder, duplex and triplex 3 types.    

NL sewage mission pump is a single-stage single-suction vertical centrifugal pump, the main components are volute, impeller, pump, mission pump casing, support cylinder, motor, motor, etc. Volute, pump, motor, impeller nut is pig iron casting, good corrosion resistance, convenient processing technology. Impeller is the three single garden string bending leaf, using a semi-enclosed impeller the malleable cast iron, so it is high strength, corrosion resistance; Processing is convenient, through sex good, high efficiency. In order to reduce weight and reduce the cutting quantity, pump shaft is of high quality carbon steel, cold drawn steel manufacturing. The mission pump seat is equipped with four skeleton oil seal and shaft sleeve, to prevent shaft wear and prolong the service life of the shaft. The mission pump can be vertical or inclined to use, cover an area of an area small, work to be buried in the medium of the spiral case, easy to start, don't need to water diversion, clockwise rotation direction from the rear of the machine is at work. Switchboard length with a variety of specifications, in order to use the unit according to the use of local conditions to choose. 

Mission pump with high pressure water pump, water gun, composed of hydraulic mechanized earthwork unit, it can be used in land leveling, dredging of river and pond, chiseling, excavation and transportation of small water conservancy engineering, as well as the city's air defense project, the following projects.

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