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An Introduction to Shaker Screen Toggle Lines

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Where needs shaker screen ? As a matter of fact, there is a paucity of information regarding the shaker screen and interactions occurring in the oil drilling process and detailed analyses of shaker screen are capable of improving the understanding of the complex and fundamental interactions between the shaker screen processes that operate in sand filter systems. To be more specific, a number of oil drilling fluids have high water shake content, which prevents direct observation in a traditional scanning microscope so that sample preparation for the shaker screen samples conventionally involves many steps including fixing and freezing. However, such kind of action may damage shaker screen samples or compromise shaker screen information so that environmental scanning technology is used to allow shaker screen samples to be viewed with minimal sample preparation and manipulation.

In fact, this technology has previously been used to view sand shaker screen samples that are directly removed from a slow sand filter with varying success. In contrast, it has not previously been applied to the shaker screen visualization within a slow sand filter but is also envisaged that the shake device would aid in the study of the shaker screen. The current research has investigated the efficiency and suitability of shaker screen as a tool to get rid of the sand in the oil drilling fluids as well as to visualize the development of sand particles that are obtained from the slow sand filter during the ripening period.

What is more, the physical characteristics of shaker screen can be observed since the samples are mounted onto the stubs with the help of the double carbon tape that is in the first place selected and viewed under low vacuum in the large field shaker screen  shake environmental scanning device. At the same time, the shaker screen images are proved to be of a high quality even when the samples are viewed under high vacuum. Even under the specialized image analysis software, the shaker screen ensures high quality working performances since the analysis not only yield exact results but also a best approximation of the size and dimensions of targeted structures. On the other hand, the shaker screen toggle lines can be drawn by hand with the help of the shake mouse as the shaker screen input device and as a consequence, the factor of human error in using shaker screen is unfortunately present. Therefore, the accuracy is not as ideal as it would be if the lines are generated in an automatic way and a further point of consideration is the three dimensional nature of the shaker screen samples.

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