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An Introduction of the Solid Control Equipment Advantages

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Solid control equipment advantage can be found in both common oil drilling operations as well as oil shale projects that involves a complex organic substance to be broken down when they are retorted so as to form crude oil and gases. Solid control equipment advantage are best known in rich deposits that are located in north American and African with a storage of more than two hundred billion tons of raw oil and oil shale with different characteristics and an average oil yield of about nine percent. Thanks to the solid control equipment advantage, as a matter of fact, the potential oil yield in those deposits can reach more than twenty billion barrels per year, which could satisfy a number of countries’ needs on the liquid fuel as well as the electricity needs for a very long period of time. It is clear that the with the solid control equipment advantage, in spite of the fact that all deposits have acceptable stripping ratio that will make the open oil drilling operation very attractive at relatively low cost when they are supplying main power stations on a regular basis. The huge cost of imported energy without any doubt can be thus avoided in the first place and the prevailing high prices of crude oil in the international market has encouraged solid control equipment advantage to be made full use of  when the countries are exploiting their vast resources of oil and renewable sources such as solar and wind energy.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the function of the Brandt shaker in a centrifugal pump or compressor is to collect the oil drilling fluids coming out from the impeller and at the same time, to deliver it to the discharge chamber with a minimum loss. To be more specific, there are quite a large number of Brandt shaker geometrical parameters that have an impact on the Brandt shaker’s performance even though it is designed by means of various alternatives that are marked by different efficiencies and pressure ratios. As a matter of fact, the Brandt shaker circumferential pressure is largely decided by the design conditions inside the impeller since it is capable of altering the performance of the entire solid control system. In addition, Brandt shaker will create a certain radial forces that will act on the impeller shaft and the bearings in a number of flow conditions that may induce instabilities and initiate surge at a wide operating range of the pump or compressor under uniform static pressure distribution. The Brandt shaker geometrical parameters at the cross sectional area, and its radial position on the global performance may directly influence the solid control equipment advantage.

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