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An Introduction of the Shaker Screen Used In Petrol Industry

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If you take in proper use method and take routine maintenance of shaker screen , the shaker screen can be used for more time in petrol industry.

The scoop of Shaker screen’s use is very extensive; involving almost all aspects of life in the processing and manufacturing of all types, among these, petrol industry is a very important field that can’t leave shaker screen. With the further development of China's economic construction and scientific research career, shaker screen new uses will continue to emerge, they are used in various sectors will also be increasing, and will play an increasingly important role in many other field besides oil making industry.

There is some introduction of shaker screen that have a widely use in petrol industry, you can get further detail information on the company’s site.

Shaker screen has many advantages such as high efficiency, light weight, series complete and diverse, multi-level, so it’s made to meet the different needs. Shaker screen generally consist of vibrator, screen box, supporting device and suspension parts, transmission and other components. Shaker screen, according to the different transmission mechanism can be divided into the following categories: eccentric vibrating screen, vibrating screen inertia, self-centering shaker, resonance screen.

The shaker screen and other types of screening equipment compared with the larger screening area have high efficiency of processing power.

There summaries the routine maintenances of shaker screen, as we all know that all the oil-making industry is related to the difficult environment and working conditions, so we must maintenance the shaker screen. If taking in proper use method of shaker screen, the shaker screen can be used for more time in petrol industry. You can do following the tips below:

1, before the start: Check the coarse mesh and fine mesh without damage, each group ring beam is locked 2, when the start: watch for abnormal noises, power is stable, vibration or without abnormal

3, after use: take the regular clean maintenance of shaker screen after each use. You can follow the tips below:

The first one, periodically take a check that whether the thickness of the net and spring fatigue or damage, whether all parts of the body have damage.

The second one, when the shaker screen runs for two weeks, you must add timely lithium grease (ZL-3) to it. When Total running l500 hours, you should check the bearing and replace immediately if damaged.

If you need this type of equipment, it would be a good choice for you to buy shaker screen in some professional Petroleum Company. In these kinds of companies, you can get nearly all types of shaker screen. Besides, you also can get much other equipment used in petrol industry.

Nowadays, you can search lots of these companies in the Internet, in which you can find what you want.

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