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An Easy Way to Understand the Drilling Equipment Functions

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Drilling equipment functions without any technical complications are widely used in the oil drilling industry since from the experiment the drilling equipment shows clearly that reverse running centrifugal pump is simple and easy to use in producing power, which is especially true in small or even micro schemes. As a matter of fact, there is an easier way to understand the drilling equipment functions by studying the experimental results of such dimensional parameters as head coefficient, oil drilling discharge coefficient and power coefficient as noted by previous researchers in the field.

To be more specific, the drilling equipment in general operates at higher flow rates in different modes so that the higher values of flow rate in drilling equipment operation, the larger the handling of oil drilling liquids when the production is compared to pump operation. What is more, the drilling equipment curves also show that performance of the pump in the operation is lower than that in pump operation since efficiencies in drilling equipment functions operation are more often several percent lower, which indicates lower losses and lower production cost.

On the other hand, several methods have been proposed for the prediction of drilling equipment reverse operation and an error possibility of less than twenty percent can be obtained when compared with experimental results in spite of the fact that no method is one hundred percent reliable in the predication of drilling equipment functions accurate performance. Therefore, an array of methods is recommended to preliminary selection of drilling equipment to be used as turbines and at the same time, there are some good methods to predict drilling equipment mode performance from the mode data since drilling equipment manufacturers are able to provide characteristics curves in most cases.

However, the preliminary selection of drilling equipment is important to obtain a rough estimation of the entire mode characteristics and the simplest way to do so is the prediction of turbine characteristics, which is always a big challenge for oil drilling operators since they need to know the drilling conditions very well before they make the decision. What is more, there are many factors which will affect the predicted performance of drilling equipment functions on the basis of either efficiency or specific speed, which are most useful parameters to define the performance of the drilling devices.

For instance, specific speed acts as tool to compare drilling equipment and select the appropriate model for a particular situation so it cannot be neglected to develop a more accurate method for determining the performance of drilling equipment. However, it has to be pointed out that there is no parameter which can alone relate to all aspects of final drilling equipment functions design or decision.

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