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An Analysis on the Shale Shaker

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Shale shakers are part of drilling equipment which is used for industrial producing. Commonly we can see them in the area of mining, coal cleaning and oil and gas drilling. The shale shaker, like VSM shaker , is an essential component of the solids control system for primarily removing large solids. Shale shakers have different types according to their needs, like brandt shaker, but they share some common in their structures.

The shale shaker usually consists of several parts: the hopper, a feeder, a screen basket, a basket angling mechanism and a vibrator.

The hopper, known as the “base”, is actually a platform and a collection pan when processing the fluid. The types of the hopper can be different because of the needs of the drilling fluid. The indeed depth of a hopper actually depends on how large quantities of drilling fluid are. And the different ports of the hopper are designed for returning the underflow which flows back to the mud system.

And the feeder is a collection fan. Before you start the processing of the drilling fluid, the flow of drilling fluid gets together on the feeder. And the sizes and shapes of feeders are various that are also depend on the needs of a mud system. There is a pipe welded to the outside of the feeder tank, which is used for the drilling fluid to enter the feeder. And some feeders even have a bypass valve, which is at the bottom place. Fluid can go into the hopper directly. Then when the drilling fluid is back to the mud system, it doesn’t need to be processed by the screens of the shale brandt shaker.

And the screen basket is actually a screen bed to transfer the shaking intensity of the machine, as the most significant part of the shale shaker.

Basket angling mechanism is used to allow the shaker basket to be able to changing its angle corresponding with the different flow rates of the drilling fluids. Currently, the angling mechanisms are various, such as hydraulic and mechanical types. A hydraulic may cost more maintenance than a mechanical one, but will operate much faster.

The vibrator is used to create vibratory force. In fact, it is a specialized motor with the aim of vibrating, and contains an electric motor inside to produce the rotary motion. A set of eccentric weights are used to provide a full-directional force.

The shale shaker , like VSM shaker, is important is because it is the first phase to deal with the drilling fluid, separating large solids from the fluid. Afterwards, the drilling fluid that is removed off will flow into another tank for further separation. Whether a solid control system is effective depends on the performance of the equipments that treat the drilling fluid. We can say that the performance of the shale shaker plays a important role in the treatment and the level of the cleanliness of the drilling fluid.

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