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Advantage of Sand Pump and Decanter Centrifuge

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One of the most popular pumps used in oilfield and land moving machine is sand pump . Sand pump is generally used for removing wet sand, mud, or silt and it is often used on floating dredging machine. It is a main method of transporting liquid as well as solid matter and also the most efficient method. The working principle of sand pump is centrifugal force and therefore sand pump is also classified into centrifugal pump.

Sand pump is more versatile than other pumps because it can be used in many different applications as well as can be used for moving many matters. The reason why it is called sand pump is that it is often being used for moving sand from one places to another, and another reason is that sand pump usually being placed in fluid tank where if filled with sand, in this way, sands were moved through pipes and junctions. Sand pump works by means of disc which is rotated around a central axis and in this way, the rotation can produce a force of movement.

Sand pumps advantages are various. First of all, they can be used in long distance. Sand pumps are necessary in long distance transportation on account of the fact that if pressure is insufficient at the end of the pipe line, there will be not enough push to move the material to the end. Sand pumps in long systems can also relieve heavy work load.

Another one of the sand pump advantage is that the application of sand pump for moving solid matter through piping system outweighs the cost of other system since solid transportations need manual or motored equipment and using sand pump can provide continued benefit to the piping system once it is installed. Manufacturing the sand pump with special seal can better improve its operational reliability and also provide it longer service life which is five times longer than other types of pump.

Another type of centrifugal pump is the de-1000 decanter centrifuge . It is made with high density and can provide different spiral speed. Large volume and high speed is the most prominent aspect of decanter centrifuge . And it is also equipped with a big fan cooling to provide a corrosive environment. Decanter centrifugals have large conveying torque; it can achieve different speed with reliability. The speed of conveying toque can be adjusted on the base of the current working condition itself because it is automatically control. There are switch of pressure, vibration and temperature which enable it to start and stop automatically.

DE-1000 decanter centrifuge has strong adaptability. It can adjust pressure accordance with load and show different traits. This kind of centrifuge overcomes deficiency the conventional modes have and improve speed scope. Apart from the above advantages, it also has a long service life. It can work at least 10 years attribute to the perfect resistance.

To sum up, different from sand pump advantage, DE-1000 decanter centrifuge has the following advantages: wide range of speed, low weight with high torque, high pressure, outstanding seal material and overload protection.

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