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Advances of Domestic and Foreign New Drilling Equipment

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In recent years, domestic oil drilling equipment made some new progress, , but with the exploration and development of exploration to complexity and deep, drilling equipment are also facing new challenges. In order to improve petroleum engineering equipment domestic level, timely and fully understand the latest developments in the domestic and international drilling equipment, drilling equipment Situation at Home and Abroad, identify gaps, improve our drilling equipment level as soon as possible, these are undoubtedly prerequisites for shorting the gap with foreign countries, and going toward and occupying the international market as quickly as possible. Air drilling equipment (excluding rig) mainly contains Air drilling equipment (excluding rig) mainly by air compressor systems, booster systems, membrane nitrogen plant, spray pump device, manifolds and control systems, rotating BOP and other auxiliary facilities.

A full set of equipment can meet the requirements of air drilling, nitrogen drilling, mist drilling, inflatable foam drilling, pneumatic drilling fluids. Foreign countries have established specialized under balanced drilling company, the full devices’ inflatable amount reaches 3000m3/min. Domestic air drilling equipment research and development advances quickly. In recent years, a number of institutions and enterprises combine with domestic drilling actual conduct research and deploy, and have remarkable results. (Well, mongoose pt screen , has different function from the drilling machine, which is still very important in the drilling areas actually.)

Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) equipment including pinwheel control device (PCD), surface pressure control equipment, continuous circulation system, multiphase separation devices and some other have been developed and applied special equipments. During drilling operations, the rotary control head is between the well bore annulus and the drill string and acts as a seal, to provide a safe and effective pressure control. While it can also guide the backout fluid away the wellhead, sealants heart can rotate with the drill pipe or kelly.

When it is in pressure drilling, by rotary control head plastic heart to seal drill pipe, the presence of a certain pressure at the wellhead, drilling can not be sprayed to rig, only outflow along the side exit. Achieved with pressure drilling operations, control annulus back pressure on the ground, make bottom pressure in a certain range accurately, and to prevent blowouts. Continuous circulation system, referred to CCS, can create an easy to control, stable drilling fluid system. Especially in the presence of gas, use new connector, can set the drilling inlet pressure ,the outlet pressure, the drilling fluid flow rate and to maintain continuous control. In a single connection, use the new connector, do not need to rely on one-way valve to prevent the drilling fluid back to the wellhead from the drill string. It has been demonstrated, way valve operation is cumbersome, re-establish circulation will produce excessive pressure fluctuations. Continuous circulation system can obtain optimum downhole pressure and the pressure gradient in the MPD drilling.

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