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Adaptable Shale Shaker to Fast Changing Drilling Conditions

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The demands on solid control equipment have witnessed dramatic growth in the oil drilling industry across the world. Fast-paced drilling projects, ever changing drilling conditions as well as increasingly stricter environmental restrictions require owners of the oil drilling projects to use higher quality and more flexible solid control solutions. Otherwise, the machines may not be able to keep pace with the changing drilling conditions and the costs from additional cutting treatment as well as the downtime expenses can be rather overwhelming. Luckily, two kinds of shale shaker—not only help soil drilling operators to cope with the fast changing drilling conditions but also ensures high productivity at the same time. As a matter of fact, for oil drilling operators there are a number of benefits of. To begin with, with these two models of shale shaker, the treatment capacity and the solids control can be improved. In addition, the fluid recovery and the screen life can be maximized. And the space requirements will be largely decreased. At the same time, flexible shake configurations will be promoted and easy screen changes are allowed. What is more, shale shaker main parts, spare parts, screens, solid removal technologies and waste treatment technologies can be provided to the location of the oil drilling site.

Cutting edge shale shaker can offer the most effective solids control solution in a compact package marked by excellent work performance. What is more, cutting edge shale shaker features different motion modes, multi deck configuration, and hydraulic controls to provide deck adjustment, and a screen bed with sloped bottom. In general a shale shaker is used in the primary solids removal from oil based drilling operations. It can be adjusted to allow flexible control of fluid pool depth in a wide range of drilling conditions. The normal mode features a progressive motion that maximize the retention of cuttings while the capacity mode features balanced elliptical motion when the solids loading is high. Thus, cutting edge shale shaker is capable of quickly adapting to the changing drilling rates and cuttings volume changes. When these changes occur, a flip of switch will enable the shale shaker to adjust to normal motion. In addition, cutting edge shale shaker can meet the most severe drilling environment. And the multi deck shale shaker can be installed seamlessly on the most constrained rig floor. At the same time, the treatment capacity of cutting edge shale shaker can be guaranteed to move fluid and cuttings over all the decks so as to allow greater utilization of the overall screen area and to deliver optimum flow capacity. To conclude, advanced shale shake can provide wonderful solids control solutions to even the most daunting challenges in oil drilling projects.

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