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About the Introduction of Mud Gun

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Mud gun is specialized in the production of Mud gun, mainly used for the mud system; Available sand pump, mud pump and other equipment for the pulp, using high speed jet drilling fluid flow, drilling fluid and mud pools in the used to prevent precipitation pool drilling fluid layering, mud gun injection effect is good, clean the area is large, the device has simple structure and flexible operation easy to use.

Mud gun is also used in the drilling equipment. Wide surface due to the drilling sewage, large volume, composition is complex, so the material is also a wide variety of materials of the role of mud gun, according to the underground water quality at the time, different mineral to do judgment. Because water quality difference is very big, cannot use a fixed device and process effectively handle different oilfield drilling sewage. The material of mud gun is oilfield drilling sewage containing more suspended solids and oil content, also contains all kinds of drilling fluid additives and large amounts of chloride ions.
In the process of drilling mud gun, drill mud or water flushing fluid machinery. In centrifugal and of two kinds of positive displacement pump, the mud gun belongs to positive displacement pump. Mud gun is by means of working chamber volume in the cyclical changes to achieve the purpose of conveying liquid; Prime mover's mechanical energy directly into the pump conveying liquid pressure can; The flow of materials of the role of mud gun value depends on the change of the pump working chamber volume number and the change in unit time (frequency), and (in theory) has nothing to do with the discharge pressure. Mud gun is with the aid of the piston (piston) in cylinder cavity of the reciprocating motion (or through the diaphragm, corrugated pipe and other flexible components in periodic elastic deformation work cavity) to produce periodic change of working volume. On the structure of mud gun is with the aid of sealing device cut off from the outside world through the mud pump valve (suction valve and discharge valve) communication with line or closed.

Related parameters of mud gun:

Diameter 2 "(50) Ф 3" (80) Ф

Gate 3.2Mpa to 6.4Mpa

Interface size 2 "3"
Nozzle number 1 ~ 4

Rotation Angle of 120 °

Mud gun is drilling fluid circulating tank of agitator of the Mud cleaner of auxiliary tool. Mud agitator is drilling fluid mixing, to strengthen drilling fluid material (such as bentonite and barite), the reaction of chemical additives, dissolve and embellish temperature plays a very important role, mixing to increase the contact area between the phase interface.

The purpose of the mud gun:

One is relying on the high-speed liquid gun nozzle impact drilling fluid storage tank bottom sediments of the suspension.

It is to stop after a period of time when agitator, deposition of solid phase buried and needs to be enabled, the impeller by drilling mud gun work can eliminate part agitator starting resistance moment, and this is for the blender provides a reliable guarantee for normal work.

Drilling materials of the mud gun with high and low pressure, high pressure mud gun drilling pump discharge branch for fluid, pressure levels is 4MPa, low pressure mud gun by centrifugal sand pump for fluid, pressure rating of 0.2MPa, drilling mud gun configuration number to determine how many there should be a blender, With the activities of the gimbal frame in a pool of mud gun nozzle. It with the mud pump high pressure connection, using high speed jet drilling fluid flow, drilling fluid and mud pools in the drilling fluid to prevent in the pool settlement stratification.

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