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A brief Introduction of the Structure of Vacuum Degasser

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During the process of oil exploitation, some dangerous gases are contained in drilling fluid. If the gases are not being removed, it is easy to cause potential safety hazard. Thus, vacuum degasser is very necessary in oil field. The structure of vacuum degasser is simple and easy to operate. In the following paragraph, we will have a brief introduction of the structure of brandt shaker. We hope that the information we offer can do a little help for you in getting a better understanding of vacuum degasser. The first structure of vacuum degasser is that it has a self-priming unit which enables the vacuum degasser work independently. In the earlier vacuum degasser, it needs centrifugal pump to pump the drilling fluid. However, the newly-designed vacuum degasser can absorb the mud into the vacuum tank and then eliminate the gases from the drilling fluid. The second structure of vacuum degasser is that a water-ring vacuum pump is contained in the machine. The water-ring vacuum pump is under isothermal condition in the whole working process. It is safe and reliable to deal with flammable and explosive gas. The third structure of vacuum degasser is that the vacuum degasser works under vacuum condition. The vacuum condition can make the machine have little corrosion. Therefore, there is no need to pay special attention to the maintenance of the vacuum degasser. What’s more, the cost of repairing the machine is low because of the free corrosion. The fourth structure of vacuum degasser is that it is easy to install. The design of the machine is compact and its footprint is so short that can be installed in a very small space. Besides, it uses belt drive which avoids the complication of the retarding mechanism. The simple design is easy to operate and even a new worker can learn how to install and work with the machine quickly. The fifth structure of vacuum degasser is that it can be used as a high- power stirrer. The mongoose pt screen can be used together with any other machine in the oil field. It plays an important role in recovering the proportion of mud, the stability of mud viscosity. In a word, the use of vacuum degasser helps a lot in reducing the drilling cost.

In conclusion, the structure of vacuum degasser is not complex. Having a better understanding of the structure of vacuum degasser can not only help the operator to work better with the machine but also contributes a lot to the improvement of the working efficiency. The process of oil exploitation is complex and there are many machines and instruments involved in. The whole work of oil exploitation is a tough job. However, the application of vacuum degasser solves a lot of problems.

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