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A Necessary Part of The Mud cleaner- The Cyclone Separation Equipment

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One of equipments of mud cleaner is cyclone separation as common grading equipment. The working principle of the cyclone separation is centrifugal sedimentation. In specific description, when the two phases of mixture to be separated (or three) from the surrounding tangentially cyclone into the cyclone later with some pressure, producing a strong three-dimensional elliptic strong rotational shear turbulence. Because the difference of size (or poor density) exists between the fine particles (or light phase) and coarse particles (or heavy phase) and these is subjected to the difference of centrifugal force, the buoyancy of the heart, fluid drag force and is under the effect of centrifugal sedimentation, large coarse part (or the heavy phase) is discharged through underflow tube while most fine particle (or light phase) is discharged from the overflow tube so as to achieve the purpose of separation.

When it comes to the rule of the operation of the cyclone separation which is a part of the mud cleaner, firstly, before the start of the cyclone unit test, workers should make sure that all connections are tight and remove the variety of residues in the pipe and tank crew so clogging and leaking cannot happen when starting the engine. What’s more, whether the valve putting into force is fully open or not must be checked seriously. Secondly, the valve can be fully opened (such as running a cyclone) or fully closed (e.g. spare cyclone), but the valve can never be allowed in a semi-open state.

In other words, workers are never allowed to use the valve to control the flow. Thirdly, if possible, please test with water. Cyclone feed can be pumped or provided through the high slot. If the pump and cyclone throughput match, the gauge shows a constant reading. Workers must ensure that the gauge readings fluctuate. If not, the workers should check the cause of the significant fluctuations. And the equipment requires to work under pressure in not more than 0.3 MPa. Fourthly, when equipment is running smoothly at normal pressure, the connection point of the amount of the leakage must be checked in order to take remedial action when necessary. Fifthly, checking the blockage caused by the residue in the cyclone is most necessary.

The blockage in the cyclone feed inlet will cause overflow and the reduction of the grit flow. The blockage of the cyclone spigot will also reduce or even stop the flowing grit sometimes with violent shakes. If blocked, cyclone feed valve should be promptly closed and the blockage should be removed immediately. To prevent clogging, the group of hydrocyclone feed tank can add facilities (such as additional crumbs sieve) to prevent precipitation of coarse material and debris while workers park in a timely manner when the feed tank is drained to prevent causing blockage by high concentration. The last but not least, when water test confirms the device is running well, the workers can enter the slurry and run the machine.

Considering the basic information of the cyclone separation equipment and the running rules, the workers should carefully use this machine in the use of the mud cleaner. The longer life the cyclone separation equipment has, the better condition of the mud cleaner has so that workers must take care of the machine seriously following the running rules of its.

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