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A Magical System in the Process of Fuel

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Oil plays a profoundly important role in the modern society which is full of hi-tech devices consuming a large quantity of oil in the daily life. However, the storage of oil is seriously limited in the earth so that how to improve the use of oil becomes a hot and urgent topic nowadays. And solid control system , a magical system of solid control system in the process of fuel is slightly invented and become more and more vital in the process of fuel nowadays.

Solid control system, which is a system utilized to separate solids, such as sand, detrital rocks and so on, from the liquid oil in order to maintain the property of the drilling fluid and store the circulatory drilling fluid, is widely taken advantage of in different kinds of industries, licensed field drilling, exploration for coal, no-dig engineering, for instance. The heavy-duty mixing device, potting equipment and chemical filling device are assembled in the solid control system, which are used to improve the physical and chemical properties of the drilling fluid so as to satisfy the requirement of the drilling work.

The drilling process of fluid from two thousand meters to seven thousand meters urgently requires solid control system which is assembled by three to seven tanks modularly combined. One of the modular tanks is purification can which adopts new conical structures and the edge of the purification can uses the mud mix system so that it is uneasy for the gravel to sink. What’s more, in the whole circulatory system, modular tanks can be separated from each but also can be combined with each outer, so can numerous cabins. That’s why well drilling is easier to accomplish than before. What is the most important is that valve in the bottom of the suction manifold can be flexibly open but reliably sealed when closed. Amazingly, level 5 purification equipments must be equipped in the circulatory system with various corollary equipments, such as a vibrating screen, a cleaner for removal of soil and sand, a vacuum degasser, mixing equipment and so on. However with the quick development of the technology, the higher and higher requirements and the hot appeal for the green and sustainable development, solid control system has experienced numerous transformations and the brand-new solid control system can decrease the emission of the mud so that it is obviously environmental friendly.

There is no denying that the application of solid control equipment is the most important part of the fussy processes of the fuel and there is no doubt that the oil produced through the solid control system is much clearer than other. Furthermore, with the solid control system, the work of the separating the solid from the liquid oil becomes much easier and more accurate.

Generally speaking, for the producers of the oil who lay more attention on the interest, they cannot reject the amazing solid control system which is efficient, economical and environmental friendly.

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