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A Convenient Equipment of Solid Control System

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Oil plays a profoundly important role in the modern society which is full of hi-tech devices consuming a large quantity of oil in the daily life. However, the storage of oil is seriously limited in the earth so that how to improve the use of oil becomes a hot and urgent topic nowadays. And solid control system, a magical system in the process of fuel is slightly invented and become more and more vital in the process of fuel nowadays.

Solid control system, which is a system utilized to separate solids, such as sand, detrital rocks and so on, from the liquid oil in order to maintain the property of the drilling fluid and store the circulatory drilling fluid, is widely taken advantage of in different kinds of industries, licensed field drilling, exploration for coal, no-dig engineering, for instance. And mud cleaner, as a most convenient equipment, is the heart part of solid control system.

Mud cleaner is desanding, except mud machine cleaner. Mud drilling mud cleaner is two, three solid control equipment, which is in addition to mud and grit removal cyclone and the cyclone underflow shaker together, three to one. Thanks to Mud cleaner compact structure, small footprint size, powerful, drilling mud Second, the ideal choice of three efficient solids control equipment cleaner.

Factory can produce solid control in addition to mud cleaner combined , which includes desander, desilter, pressure pump, cyclone underflow tank, shale shaker , stand and base . Being characterized in that desander and mud is provided between the main inlet pipe and outlet pipe control valve with chute, chute shaker located on the base, equipped with automatic anti- cyclone sand plug device and the bottom orifice adjustment. Applying new compact structure, easy to use, easy to maintain, reliable, can quickly remove hazardous solid phase drilling fluid, and improve drilling performance, high-pressure jet drilling of new technology to meet the requirements.

Mortar organizations to adopt a change to fixed together with the central axis of the metal tank can be tilted to control the flow of mortar; cyclone group with a rectangular array of circular supporting the use of recycled shaker. Because of these characteristics of the utility model mud fluid handling capacity has been strengthened, drill cuttings separation efficiency has been improved , simple structure, low cost, mobile relocation , easy to install and use.

Generally speaking, after the working principle and characteristics are known, the Mud cleaner plays a profoundly important role in the solid control system so that the Mud cleaner needs accurate and careful care. The better care the mud cleaner has, the longer life and more efficient work the Mud cleaner has so that the solid control system has a longer life and more efficient work.

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