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A Brief Introduction to the Drilling Equipment

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Maximum depth of the drill, rated maximum lifting weight, the weight of the drilling equipment, the hoisting system structure, the fast line maximum tension and the diameter of the wire rope, lifting speed and number of block, winch power, wheel opening diameter, rotary speed and the number of block, rotary torque, power, pump, pump power and total power drilling rig and other basic parameters of drilling RIGS, reflects the full number of main performance index of drilling RIGS, is the basic foundation of design and selection of rig type. So, in general, where rich in is oil resources drilling equipment is more in need of.

To understand the where needs drilling equipment, the first thing we should clear it includes what equipment.

Broadly, including complete sets of ground for drilling equipment, drilling tools and drilling instrumentation you should know. Rotary drilling equipment according to the function points, ascending, circulation, power transmission and control system you should know.

Rotating system the main equipment is installed on the rig wellhead turntable, rotation, through the Kelly drive the rotating drill string and bit drilling. When using down hole drill bit rotates, the rotary table used to withstand the torque.

Improve the system by the winch,crown block and travelling block, hook, a set of lifting equipment composed of steel wire rope, etc. Winch is mainly used for the next drill tool and casing and drilling control wob. is used to put crown and suspension travelling block, hook, such as lifting equipment and tools, and the next, storing the string. Crown block and travelling block is a set of compound pulley device, to reduce the winch wire rope tension, medium and large number of wire rope of a rig's block pulley for 8 ~ 12 strands commonly.

To clear the where needs drilling equipment, we must first understand the most important of these devices Mud agitator.

Mud agitator by Mud pump and high pressure Mud pipes, hose, faucet, the drill string and Mud solids control equipment, etc. Functions are: to maintain the mud circulation, the bottom hole flushing, pass into the energy of high pressure mud bottom hole.

Mud agitator inhaled from the Mud pit Mud, Mud through the ground pipe, hose, faucet, the Mud into the drill string, the bit water way matching against the bottom hole, carrying the bottom Mud agitator;returned from the clearance of the drill string and borehole wall of the well.

Mud agitator mainly has two cylinders, double-acting piston and triplex single acting piston type two kinds, the latter has the advantage of uniform discharge, high pressure, low pressure fluctuation, small volume, light weight, easy to replace parts, simple maintenance.

The faucet for the connection of the rotating drill string and not turn the hose, and can maintain the mud circulation.

To understand the where needs drilling equipment, we should know the function of these devices.

Solids control equipment to remove back out of the mud from the well of useless solid phase particles. Commonly used equipment is vibrating screen, desander, desilter and the degasser and centrifuge, etc. In the late 70 s, started to use automatic dispensing Mud agitator, and well control device together, can be reliable for wellbore at any time control, automatic Mud weight constant. In case of a blowout omen, you can automatically adjust the mud weight and other performance.

To understand the where needs drilling equipment, we need to know is it more classification.

The motivation and drive system including the engine and drive unit. Drive unit with chain, belt, gear and other mechanical drive, hydraulic drive and electrical drive, the power is passed to the draw works, rotary table and mud pump working machine.

Diesel engine driven rig, which has two kinds of mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission, the latter varies with the working machine load change and automatic stepless variable speed and torque of good dynamic performance, widely used in drilling rig.

Electric drive drilling rig is widely used in deep well and offshore drilling. Divided into two categories: (1) dc generator power, diesel engine or gas turbine driven dc motor, referred to as "straight - dc drive; (2) alternating current (ac) by silicon controlled rectifier drive dc motor, hereinafter referred to as cross - dc drive. The advantages are: flexible, installed power utilization high power distribution, by the power supply, without other auxiliary ac power system, high economic benefit, has become the main development direction.

If you would like to ask where needs drilling equipment, we first reaction should be mine.
In the coal mine production, due to the easily spontaneous combustion of coal seam mining, traces of goaf coal is more comprehensive, might occur during the period of stoping goaf coal spontaneous combustion, especially when the working face advancing speed slow, spontaneous combustion risk bigger, so corresponding fire prevention and fire extinguishing measures must be adopted. Mine adopts fire-fighting are yellow, aerosol, the goaf grouting nitrogen injection, etc., which are mainly composed of yellow grouting. Grouting is a routine measure of fire prevention in the process of mining, has the advantages of economic, convenient, reliable, yellow grouting technology is mature, and grouting fire extinguishing effect of long-term, reliable and is the first choice for preventing and extinguishing methods.

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