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A Brief Introduction to Solid Control Equipment Main Parts

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At present, the development of solids control equipment focuses on designing and developing some device with high efficiency and long life. With high-speed centrifuge, the designers have achieved a advanced solid control system, under which we can make the automatic detection come true. Having learned about solid control equipment main parts, we can operate the equipment more smoothly. This article would mainly illustrate solid control equipment main parts. Main parts of solid control equipment:

(1) Shale Shaker and Desecrator

Vibrating screen or shale shaker is the first processing equipment of drilling fluid solids control system, whose work quality will directly affect the control effect of the solid control system. Vibrating screen is composed of base, vibrator, brant screen and vibration isolation spring and so on. Modern vibrating screen is usually high speed, linear, laundry and multilayer vibrating screen, which plays a vital role in solid phase control system. As another solid control equipment main part, desecrators have two basic functions: one is to ensure that drilling fluid performance is relatively stable and drilling safety; the other feature is to ensure the cyclone can work in normal order. Degassers must be equipped in drilling deep gas wells.

(2) Desander and Deciliter

Desander and deciliter are behind the vibrating screen in the solid control process. As the second solid control equipment main parts, their main purpose is to clear out the more tiny solid particles mixed in the drilling fluid system having gone through the sieve. The core and key component of the second solid control equipment main parts is hydro cyclone, which is a kind of solid-liquid separation equipment designed according to the principle of separation of centrifugal sedimentation. Hydro cyclone is a kind of solid-liquid separation equipment, whose ability of separation is concerned with solid phase, drilling fluid properties and the structure parameters itself. The inside diameter of rotary fluid is smaller, the solid phase particles can be separated are thinner.

(3) Centrifugal Machine

Centrifuge machine is one of the important solids control equipment of solid-liquid separation, which is usually installed in the final stage of the whole system. The centrifuge is one of solid control equipment main parts, it is essential and indispensable for solid control equipment’s operating. The centrifuge has a very wide range of applications in various fields such as mining, steel, agriculture, light industry and so on. In addition, the centrifuge is also a kind of ideal equipment processing waste drilling to prevent the environmental pollution. Centrifuge is mainly divided into rotary drum and precipitation. Centrifuge separation speed and capacity should meet the design standards and drum rotational velocity should not be less than 97% of the design speed. The average trouble-free working time of centrifuge should be greater than 3000 hours under normal working condition.

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