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A Brief Introduction to Solid Control Equipment Features

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The performance and quality of solid control equipment is the key of solid phase control technology. Here is a brief introduction of solid control equipment features in petroleum solid control system, hoping it can offer you some practical guidance.

As the key of solid phase control technology, drilling fluid solids control system mainly includes the following three parts: drilling fluid circulating tank, drilling fluid purification treatment equipment and electric control equipment. The drilling fluid purification treatment equipment has different kinds, which includes vibrating screen, desander, deciliter, degasser, centrifuge, mixer and sand pump. Different kinds have their specific solid control equipment features.

The shale shaker with mongoose PT is the first, the fastest and most extensive removal sludge solids control equipment, is also the necessary drilling processing equipment. The vibrating screen technology is mainly reflected in the processing capacity, reliability of operation, the length of service life and the maintenance convenience and so on. The greater the drilling fluid solid phase particles of solid phased particles takeoff, the greater the resistance and the smaller the conveyance speed of solid phased particles under the condition that the size, content and viscosity of solid phase particles in drilling fluid properties are unchanged. Having fully realized that, some abroad theory of the vibrating screen fully proposed that we should set up a drilling fluid shock before the drilling fluid flow entering the sieve net. Learning about some solid control equipment features about the shale shaker can help us to operate the device better.

Solids control equipment manufacturer in China basically can produce flow spiral device including desander and deciliter. The solid control equipment features are manifested in quality index and the performance. The quality index of the cyclone mainly indicates wear resistance and the performance of the cyclone is mainly indicates separation size D50.The lower the D50, the better the separation efficiency of cyclone. The configuration of flow spiral device should not only set a certain distance, and there is also need to leave a certain overlap. For special well with high requirements for drilling fluid, the reasonable supporting scheme need one desander and one deciliter, adopting the series process, but we should choose different size range of separation when choosing products.

Having applied to the processing of drilling fluid, centrifuge is playing a more and more important role. The centrifuge has its own specific solid control equipment features. Many drilling crew is equipped with two centrifuges for efficient functioning. It is important to note that we should utilize the parallel process when equipped with two completely same technical performance centrifuges (generally for medium-speed centrifuge, sometimes with a different processing), thus increasing the capacity of drilling fluid during fast drilling.

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