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A Brief Introduction of the Development of Decanter Centrifuge

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Manufacturing centrifuges born in Europe, such as the mid-19th century, has seemed in three textile dehydration foot centrifuge, and slight crystallization of the sugar with sugar grinders on the suspension separator. The earliest of this growth of Decanter separators are slagging of intermittent process and labor.

Due to improved slag dumping bodies in the 1930s there has been a continuous centrifuge operation, intermittent operation of the de-1000 decanter centrifuge also because to achieve automatic control and develop.

Rendering to the structure of engineering centrifuges and separation requirements, can be alienated into filter centrifuges, separator and separator sorts.

A centrifuge itself about the axis of the cylinder rotating at high speed, called a drum, usually driven by a motor. Suspension (or emulsion) was added after the drum, and the drum is driven with the rapid speed of rotation, the components separated by the centrifugal force, and were discharged. Generally, the higher the speed of the drum, the separation effect is better.

Active principle DE-1000 decanter centrifuge has two centrifugal sedimentation and centrifugation. The postponement was centrifuged to produce a centrifugal field in the centrifugal weight acting on the sieve medium, the runny filtrate finished the filter medium becomes, and the solid particles are trapped in the filter medium surface in order to achieve the liquid - solid separation ; using centrifugal sedimentation suspension (or emulsion ) components of different densities in a centrifugal force field of the rapid sedimentation principle layered achieve liquid - solid ( or liquid - liquid ) separation.

There is also a quasi-experimental examination of separator can remain elucidated liquid and solid atoms enriched, or liquid - liquid separation, there is such a separator pressure, vacuum, dissimilar structural types work under subzero situations.

Important indicator of the performance of development of Decanter centrifuge separation is the separation factor. It represents the ratio of the material to be separated in the centrifugal drum suffered its gravity, the greater the separation factor is usually the more rapid separation, separation better. Industrial centrifuge separation factor is generally 100 to 20,000, speeding tube separator separation factor of up to 62,000, analysis separator separation factor speeding up 610000. Another factor that determines the processing capacity of a centrifugal separator drum is working area, the working area large capacity is also large.

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