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A Brief Introduction of Vacuum Degasser

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vacuum degasser functions provides is: remove the air (oxygen) in the material liquid, inhibiting Browning, pigment, vitamin, aroma components and other material oxidation, prevent quality; Can remove the material liquid suspended powder particles in the gas, inhibition of particles floating, maintain good appearance; Prevent bubbles when canning and high-temperature sterilization; Reduce the corrosion on the inner wall of the container.

Vacuum degassing device and other vacuum degasser functions provide:
1 can greatly shorten the heating or cooling system after the first injection, exhaust time, is advantageous to the system's first trial run.
2, the gas removal system, prevent the gas resistance; ensure the normal operation of the system during the stable and reliable.
3, remove the pump cavitation, the noise of the system is running.
4, by removing the oxygen in the water, will reduce the oxygen corrosion; prolong the life time of the equipment.
5, as a result of the removal of the water gas, heat exchanger with gas bubble on the surface, improve the heating efficiency.
6, take off the angry machine working time and cycle can be adjusted according to need.
7, a single application system capacity up to 150 m3; can be used more in parallel.
8, equipment installation, convenient and full automatic operation, safe and reliable, easy to maintenance you should know.

Power generation equipment structure of feed system in order to prevent corrosion, and thus eliminate water mixture of non-condensable gas, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, air, etc and can heat the water and open heat exchangers together to maintain the Derrick shaker suction head.

The use of vacuum degasser functions provides is very important and it has a lot of attention:
1, before each use should open the lid or sodium hydroxide solution with hot water to wash in.
2, when used to keep the sealing parts is good, cannot have leakage phenomenon.
3, often should check the diaphragm pressure gauges, maintain it’s accurate.
4, in the process of design, but don't have to consider that the slope of the pipeline and the installation of air bleed valve. 2. The vacuum takes off angry machine in principle can be installed on the heating refrigeration system, any one of the best but installed on the system return route. 
5, the area of the single processing system of 4, 50000 square meters, can use many sets of parallel. 
6, size 1000 * 400 * 400 ram, as well as using wall-mounted installation, floor installation can be used again. 
7, equipment, and the distance between the walls should not be less than 50 mm; equipment from the primary system connection point should not be more than 5 m. 6. With building automation are connected, the power cord directly connected to the electric cabinet.

By observing the vacuum degasser functions provides, can more deeply understand the working principle of vacuum takes off angry machine.

It is part of the circulation pump water to water tank of the vacuum degassing. According to Henry's law, under the vacuum condition, this part of the gas will be separated completely from the water, gas that comes off by qi activity the relief port of discharge. Removal of the gas has the absorbing water be injected back into the system, this part with high absorption properties of the unsaturated water, for a balanced gas water solubility, will absorb the balance gas in the system to make again. Vacuum takes off angry machine every 30 seconds, repeat the cycle, the free gas and dissolved gas in the water in this cycle is ruled out. Shaker screen is vacuum degassing device is an important part of.

The characteristics of the vacuum take off angry machine
1. Suitable for any water cycle system, such as high heating and refrigeration system, district heating system, industrial water cycle system, etc. 
2. Small volume, convenient installation, uses safety. 
3. Eliminate the circulation system of air resistance, air hammer, "red water" phenomenon, improve the working efficiency of the system. 4. Effective removal system in the air, the removal rate of 99%, effectively prevent the equipment in the system caused by chemical oxidation corrosion, greatly extend the service life of equipment and pipeline, improve the heat transfer efficiency of the equipment. 

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