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A Brief Introduction of Mud Agitator

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Maybe you are not familiar with an agitator or desander . In fact, it is used in our daily production without your recognition. An agitator can have a wide range of application. For example, it can be used in aeration tanks and aeration grit chambers for industrial producing and municipal sewage plant, and wastewater treatment, industrial water treatment and oxygen supply in fishpond, and agitation for the liquids with suspended solids in the progress of manufacture.

And the mud agitator as well as desander is a solid control system designed for constantly keeping the homogeneity of drilling fluid and suspending the solid particles.

The mud agitator usually has distinctive features as followings. The device of mud agitator consists of an explosion-proof motor, a reducer, an engineer base and the components of impeller, connecting with each part through solid coupling. Usually, the impeller is installed and welded with four vanes. The first is it uses a reducer with an arc cylindrical worm. The section of the axle is a cylindrical worm. The tooth form of the worm gear can be clenched to the worm tightly. In this way, the agitator is of high reliability and great efficiency, with a compact structure. The second is the combination of the reducer and the explosion-proof motor is easy for operation, and can be used even under severe working conditions such as in the wild. The third is that the stirring intensity is huge with a wide impact scope, lowering the starting resistance. The fourth is that the mud agitator is put on the horizontal level, which is convenient for installment, adjustment and replacement.

The operation principle of the mud agitator is because the impeller can produce a motion of vortices by stirring, in order to strengthen the effect of agitation. The tray in the middle of the vanes can prevent solid particles of mud from depositing at the bottom of the vanes at when stopping the agitator, to reduce the resistance that occurs when starting again and get the engine rid of burnout due to overload.

When installing, the mud agitator should hung at a horizontal level and placed steadily into the target place, adjusted to the right angle and then fixed to the engine base. And the solid coupling of mud agitator should be added with a spring cushion to avoid deflection of the implement, in order to reduce the abrasion of the reducer. Generally, the mud agitator operates without loud noise or significantly high temperature. The mud agitator should be stopped for examination and repair if uncommon situation occurs. The height of fuel in the mud agitator should be kept in the middle place of the display window, and lubrication oil should be supplied to the mud agitator in regular when it is using.

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