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A Brief Introduction of Mobile Mud agitator

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Simple train for Mud agitator users, mobile mud mixer is mainly used in the coal mine fire prevention and fire extinguishing grouting is used, belongs to the coal mine fire prevention and firefighting.

Second, the application background:

In the coal mine production, due to the easily spontaneous combustion of coal seam mining, traces of goaf coal is more comprehensive, might occur during the period of stoping goaf coal spontaneous combustion, especially when the working face advancing speed slow, spontaneous combustion risk bigger, so there must be a simple "train" for Mud agitator users, and adopts the corresponding fire prevention and fire extinguishing measures. Mine adopts fire-fighting are yellow, aerosol, the goaf grouting nitrogen injection, etc., which are mainly composed of yellow grouting. Grouting is a routine measure of fire prevention in the process of mining, has the advantages of economic, convenient, reliable, yellow grouting technology is mature, and grouting fire extinguishing effect of long-term, reliable and is the first choice for preventing and extinguishing methods.

Because use yellow earth filling stations and through a variety of pipe to the scene of the grouting grouting method and equipment, at present the main is to use lag working face goaf grouting and to adopt closed wall fixed-point grouting. But with the development of coal mine fire prevention technology constantly updated, with the mining with filling and postharvest grouting become the dominant form of new fire prevention and fire extinguishing, the new fire prevention and fire extinguishing technology will play an important role in coal mine safety production. Now the fire-extinguishing system is difficult to satisfy with the mining with filling and grouting of the new technology of fire prevention and firefighting, the integrated application of new technology, therefore, need to modify current grouting system.

Product features:

This is a simple train for Mud agitator users is not very important, but also need the user attention.

Portable mud mixer mixing integration of mine fire is a kind of control device, is easy to move, simple connection, fast in fire extinguishing and selection of low cost, wide material sources, grouting can meet different types of coal mine fire and using different fire extinguishing material for the need of preventing and extinguishing the fire.

Simple train for Mud agitator in the users, the most important thing is that the mud mixed pulp machine safety operation procedures.

1 the placement of the slurry, slurry mixing should choose flat, solid ground, should have good drainage ditches around. This is a simple train for Mud agitator users, users need to pay attention to the first question.

2, cement warehouse should be installed on firm a pedestal. When fixed for a long time, should be buried land bolt; in the short term use, should be connected to the steel plate welding used to increase the loading area. This is a simple train for Mud agitator users is the most basic.

3, stir pulp machine operation room should allow the operator to see the action button, indicator light work, etc.

4, before the key check project shall meet the following requirements:(1) the power supply voltage fluctuation does not exceed 5% of the rating;(2) electric motors and electrical components of the connection is firm, protection by zero or grounding resistance in accordance with regulations; (3) the driving mechanism, working device, such as brake are reliable fastening, pulley and so on have a guard;

Before 5, homework, should start the vacuum degasser no-load operation, take the mixing drum run for a few minutes, and should be no impact dithering phenomenon and abnormal noise. This is a simple train for Mud agitator users, the need to repeatedly remind trainees.

6, winter homework, water pump, water should be switch, stir the water in the bucket. 7, homework, in the face of the mixed pulp machine to conduct a comprehensive cleaning; When operators to enter the tube inside, must cut off power supply or fuse, lock switch box, hang up the "no closing" signs, and shall have the specialist care.

In simple train for Mud agitator users, also need some special circumstances, such as Mission pump.

Mission pump MAGNUM unique concentric shells and the width of the impeller design, make the Mission pump showing the characteristics of wear resistance, long service life, and the use of the maintenance cost is low. Concentric design can reduce the vibration and turbulence, because in the pumping contain hard solid drilling fluid will cause great wear. This design also can alleviate the high load of pump and axial deviation. Mission of high to width of pump impeller design can reduce the speed of the liquid from the blade, narrow blade design can make the drilling fluid in hard objects to blade caused great impact, and wide blade design is not the case. In addition, Mission pump is equipped with a large load of shaft, pump diameter larger than normal also prolong the service life. Can even the shaft connected to the transmission belt, directly to drive a centrifugal pump. Mission pump main materials are high hardness steel, stainless steel and bronze. We can provide the whole machine or a separate pump head and accessories; Omni-directional meets the needs of users. 13, 4 * 3 * 3 * 2 * 13 14, 6, 5 * 4 * * 5 * 5 * 11, 6, 8 14 * 6 * 6 x 11, 8, 10 of 14 x 8 x 14, 4 x3x11, 4 x3x10, 8 x6x18, 12 x10x21, 12 x10x22 x12x10x23, 14 x12x22, magnum xp, etc. Name, 2500, 2500 is a reliable high power low cost of mud pump.

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