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A Brief Introduction of How to Choose Desander

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Desander is widely used solids dominate device in various drilling projects. In the business communication, clients can tell sellers their requirements, and then they would recommend equipments even the whole system to them. Here I would like to tell the readers how to choose a proper desander in the mud system.

The first factor you should take into account is how to choose suitable cyclone desander. When selecting the cyclone Desander, there are several major performance parameters you should think over first. The inflow turbidity should be not more than 310 degrees, while the outflow turbidity should be not more than 10 degrees. The influx pressure should be between 0.2 and 1.2 MP, and the suitable pressure loss is 0.028 MP. The regretting diameter should be over 0.1 mm under the natural operation temperature. You can not choose desander without knowing the total disposing capacity of the mud system.

Secondly, you may want to know if the desander need a under liquids vibration. GN design 2 types desander with under liquids vibration or without under liquids vibration. If the users need the drilling mud dryer, we could mount an underflow shaker below the cyclone with relevant fine grid shaker screen. The more important thing is that it is essential to choose proper cyclone desander according to the working scale. When necessary, it is possible to use several cyclone desanders in parallel. In this case, we should take the disposing capacity into consideration when devising the under fluids shaker. If the flow rate is over 500GPM, you’d better choose a shaker with large area screen, even 2 or 3 screen panels. Therefore, it is better to consider the working condition and working volume, and then choose suitable cyclone desander according to the needs of different working conditions.

The third tip about choose desander is to know what the material of the cyclone for shale shaker is. Casting iron and polyurethane are used to make the cyclone more often. The biggest distinction between the two materials is that casting iron could bear relative high temperature; however, wear-resisting performance of the polyurethane is wonderful. It all depends on what effect you need. Generally, there are also carbon steels and stainless steels as the material of the cyclone desander. Besides if conditions permitted, it is better to select cyclone desander with secondary filter sieve. And it will guarantee the normal working of the cyclone desander with the advantages of easy cleaning in the middle of running and controllable grit discharging outlets.

Fourthly, you need to consider the combination equipment of desander. There is a combination device called Mud cleaner that the sellers often recommend to their clients. It is assembled by desander cyclone, desilter cyclone and large area under fluids shaker. The major qualities of Mud cleaner are compact structure and mighty function. Desander and desilter function in the second and third period on mud circulating system. According to the actual working requirements, it may not require both the two devices on one system. It all depends on the working purpose.

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