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A Brief Description of Various Solid Control Equipment Types

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The products of solid control equipment are now enjoying a well market in both home and abroad. With the expanding of its application fields, the kinds of solid control equipment are gradually more and more varied. Various solid control equipment types are being utilized in different fields. Different solid control equipment types have their specific function and features. This article will offer you a brief description of solid control equipment types.

(1) Common Types of Solids Control Equipment

The solids control equipment types which we are familiar with include shale shaker, desecrator, desander and deciliter. Shale shaker plays a vital role in the whole solid controlling process; it is composed of base, vibrator, screen and vibration isolation spring. Desecrators are used to ensure the stability and safety of the solid control system performance. Behind the shale shaker are the desander and deciliter in the solid control process. As an indispensible solid control equipment type, their main purpose is to clear out the more tiny solid particles mixed in the drilling fluid system having gone through the sieve in the petroleum drilling industry. The core and key component is hydro cyclone, which is a kind of solid-liquid separation equipment designed according to the principle of separation of centrifugal sedimentation.

(2) Complete Equipment Types of Solids Control Equipment

In addition to the common solids control equipment types referred above, there also exists some complete equipment types of solids control equipment in market both home and abroad. To start with, the centrifuge machine is one of the important solids control equipment of solid-liquid separation, which is essential and indispensable for solid control equipment’s operating. The centrifuge has a very wide range of applications in various fields such as mining, steel, agriculture, light industry and so on. It is usually installed in the final stage of the whole system. In addition to the centrifuge mentioned previously, the other solids control equipment types include sand pump, shear pump, mixer, spray gun, circulating tank, batching apparatus and so on. Sand pump acts as a special centrifugal pump for conveying fluid in some fields such as petroleum drilling industry. Shear pump is a kind of compound impeller pump making the polymer viscosities quickly dissolve in drilling fluid according to the fluid shear principle.

The mixer and mud gun also belong to the complete solids control equipment types. In the field of petroleum drilling industry, mixers are a kind of mixing device utilized to make the drilling fluid solid phase particles in suspension by mixing impeller, thus avoiding settlement. As another complete solids control equipment types, mud gun acts as a kind of hydraulic agitator using mixing mud’s high speed. The main role of mud gun is to impact sediments of solids in storage at the tank bottom and then make drilling fluid in suspension, depending on the high-speed flow of gun nozzle.

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