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A Basic Review of Mud Agitator

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Since the Industrial Revolution, the demand for fossil energy keeps sharply rising for many years. As the development of technology, people have created a whole complete system called solid control to maintain the high efficiency of the mining and drilling progress. However, mud agitator is one of the most components of the solid control system, which can apparently lower the cost and improve the effect of mining and drilling. Normally, the mining fluids will be firstly accumulated and processed by mud agitator after coming out from the borehole. Thus mud agitator plays an important role in the solid control system.

Generally speaking, people will pump a kind of mixed liquids called mining or drilling fluids into the underground when mining and drilling. The advantages of pumping drilling fluids are obvious. First, the drilling fluids can lubricate the drilling bit and absorb the heat underground, which can protect drilling bit from abrasion and prolong the working life of drilling bit, which can largely lower the maintenance cost. Additionally, the drilling fluids can convey many drilling cuttings. So it’s necessary to remove these cuttings before pumping the mixed fluids into underground again.

The mud agitator can be really irreplaceable here. With the mud agitator, people can ensure that the solids can be suspended uniformly in the fluids, which can effectively improve the sequent processions. There’re some strong impellers installed in the mud agitator, which is used to stir the accumulated mixed fluids. Hence it’s also one of the most easily worn-out parts. Even though there’re many different types of mud agitator in market you can choice, it’s always wise to take care the condition of impellers if you really take attentions on maintaining mud agitator. However, you can find a variety of mud agitators which are suitable to many different demands for now.

Anyway, for most mining site, people are prone to select the machines in smaller size. The smaller size means saving space and you can transfer it easier. According to the types of mounting, there’re two main kinds of mud agitators which are horizontally mounted agitator and vertically mounted agitator. Furthermore, there’re two common types of impellers you can see in the most mud agitators, which are radial flow impeller and axial flow impeller. Just like the name, these two kinds of impellers can produce the flow in different directions because of their special shapes. The impellers will keep rotating when the machine working in order to agitate the drilling fluids. Actually, the blades of impellers also have many different types. We can generally distinguish blades by their appearance. There’re three common types of blades of impellers, which are flat blade, canted blade and contour blade.

Mud agitator is one of the most important part of the solid control system and it’s doubted that the technology will keep progressing and bring us more advanced machine used to mining oil or other things.

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