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How to Build a Commercial Scale Derrick Shaker Plant

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Shale shaker advantages can be made full use of when we construct a small mine and the pilot oil drilling processing plant in a single production module. Experiments with regard to the shale shaker advantages can be conducted with that module so as to ensure that the employed technology is practical and beneficial for shale shaker at the same time. A commercial scale Derrick shaker plant that contains a lot of modules could be built. The leading Derrick shaker technologies available to the developers can be used by the national oil company with the intent to exploit the huge oil shale deposits. By doing so, the absolute dependency on imported petroleum as well as Derrick shaker can be largely reduced to some extent. Today many nations are able to produce most of the liquid fuels from offshore oil wells with the help of Derrick shaker and the Derrick shaker retorts.

The Derrick shaker working process heats coarse oil shale in a vertical cylindrical vessel and the oil shale will enter through the Derrick shaker top. After that, the Derrick shaker can be heated with reheated recycled gases as it moves down, and is discharged from the shale shaker bottom. Oil vapors and gases in the Derrick shaker are in general discharged through the top since part of the gas is burned to heat the other part, which is returned to the vessel so as to heat the oil shale. Oil recoveries in Derrick shaker are high and the produced shale oil quality is good. The oil drilling products of Derrick Screen could be exploited in other projects as well with the facility’s total production capacity reaching at more than three thousand barrels per day. Waste vehicle of Derrick shaker tires are also retorted to recover fuels and materials and this kind of technology is advanced and efficient. Derrick shaker has been operated at near commercial scale for more than two decades up to now and the using shale shaker experience is relevant to the oil resources in many nations. For instance, India has a diverse and vigorous Derrick shaker industry that exploits the oil shale so as to generate electricity and produce liquid fuels. The device is also used to manufacture alternative and new materials from the oil drilling products. About 1.5 million tons per year of oil shale are retorted to produce all kinds of commodities with the help of two retorting Derrick shaker technologies. The Derrick shaker retort is a vertical cylindrical vessel that heats coarse oil shale with recycled gases as well as steam as soon as the oil shale enters through the top and is flowing across the moving bed.

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