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518 Centrifuges Components and Factors Affect the Separation Effect

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518 centrifuges mainly contains high-speed rotation of the drum, and the drum turning at the same speed and slightly lower helical differential and other components. 518 centrifuges use dual-motor dual-frequency drive mode, the drum and spiral driven by the main motor. The speed differed between the drum and spiral driven by differential drive auxiliary motor to produce braking force to achieve. When auxiliary motor works, it’s at state, do not consume energy. The auxiliary motor power through the main and auxiliary drives to send power back to the main drive, 518 centrifuges host current consumption is less than the current minus the main motor and auxiliary motor power current.

The factors that influence 518 centrifuge separation effect.

1. Drum diameter and effective length. The larger the diameter of the drum and the longer effective length, the larger the effective size of the settlement, the greater the processing capacity, the material in the drum of the longer residence time. And at the same speed, the greater the separation factor, the better the separation effect. Restricted by materials, 518 centrifuge drum diameter cannot increase indefinitely. Because with the increase of diameter, the permissible maximum speed will reduce due to the material solidity reduce. Thus the centrifugal force is reduced accordingly. Typically the drum diameter D is from 200 to 1000m, L/D ratio is 3 to 4. Furthermore, in the case of the same capacity, the large diameter drum 518 centrifuges can operate at a low speed. The reason is that large drum diameter spiral transmission capacity of 518 centrifuges is large; in order to achieve the same output capacity of small-diameter drum centrifuge, only can be achieved by increasing the speed difference. Reduce the speed difference can increase the sediment dehydration time, reduce disturbance of the coil to the refining zone, thereby enhancing the dewatering effect.

2. 518 centrifuges drum half cone angle. Settling sediment inside the centrifuge drum is pushed out along the drum cone spout, due to the centrifugal force, by the force of the downward slip reflux. The larger the half-cone angle, the sludge pressing by centrifugal force is larger, the greater the torque of the helical thrust, the greater the wear of the blade. If the half-cone angle is small, the effective size of the settlement will be greatly reduced. Half drum cone angle is an important parameter of 518 centrifuge design.

3. The pitch. The pitch is the spacing of two adjacent spiral blades, it is a very important structural parameter, and it directly affects the success or failure of transmission slag.

4. Spiral type. Spiral is the main component of 518 centrifuges, its role is to transport the sludge settled in the inside of the drum and smoothly drain sediment. It is not only the discharge device, also determines the production capacity, life and separation effect of 518 centrifuges.

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