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518 Centrifuge Solves Long Standing Problems in Oil Drilling

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The necessity to find new technological solutions for centrifuge can be felt when you run through the historical stages which lead up to the modern 518 centrifuge. Therefore, engineers have worked hard to replace the pressing strength with the centrifugal one. With the modernization of the 518 centrifuge , the restructure and the rationalization of the classic 518 centrifuge working system have solved some long standing problems because the new model can perform a continuous oil extraction. What is more, the operation is characterized by elevated automation and less labor cost because not only the costs for its construction are lower but also it require less electric energy in comparison with previous centrifuges. In other words, 518 centrifuge is rather cost effective for oil drilling projects conducted in a variety of conditions.

In addition, with 518 centrifuge, the use of the filtering diaphragms can be thoroughly avoid, which also helps to cut the costs of the oil production. When 518 centrifuge is circulating out, it is not possible to keep the pressure of the bottom hole constant all the time so accurate calculations are specially valued in making predictions of the max pressures at the surface. 518 centrifuge is now available in an array of centrifuge manufacturers and would be a great help in kick situations since the pump pressure will change when heavy drilling mud is pumped into the well.

At the same time, to maintain solid control equipment , professional technicians and tools are a must. What is more, oil drilling operators might as well understand that the solids in the oil well will move with the drilling mud and velocity. Therefore, when the solids flow from a high pressure zone into the oil well, they will be placed in the solids bubble. To maintain solid control equipment, calculations of the flow pressure should be carried out in real time under the influence of control panel manipulations and the solid control equipment pipe flow should always be set equal to the pump delivery rate.

In general, the normal drilling mud circulation in the annular flow is equal to the pumping rate and determines the flow pressure. What is more, it is essential to keep the oil well pressure between the indicated limits when operators are trying to maintain solid control equipment. And generally speaking, the pressure of the bottom hole should be kept at a low level and the max casing shoe pressure to its limit bar. However, the margin for the oil well pressure at the casing shoe and the max surface pressure should be paid special attention to in the high pressure zone because it is of great important to maintain solid control equipment.

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