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5 Tips about How to Maintenance Mud Cleaner

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WestPetro as a professional solid control system manufacture and drilling waste management unit manufacture, we could not only provide you the best and high quality products for meet your demands in oil drilling fields, but also provide full after sale service. Today WestPetro will share 5 practical tips about how to maintenance mud cleaner, which is important solid control equipment for your whole solid control system. 

Mud Cleaner

There are 5 tips about how to maintenance mud cleaner as follow. 

1. Disassemble the whole mud cleaner into three main parts; they are 16-desilter and 2 or 3 de-sander, shale shaker and 3 pieces of shaker screens (usually they are KS steel frame shaker screens). After we finished this step, and then we could prepare to start next work: water cleaning these parts. 

Cyclones for Mud Cleaner

2. Water cleaning the de-silters, de-sanders, shale shaker and shaker screens. It’s an easy method to make the mud cleaner looks nice. Generally speaking, there are more than one advantages for us, for example, when we water cleaning the shaker screen, we could check whether the screen is good or broken, if the screen is broken, we could change it timely. 

3. Motors maintenance. Just as you know, WestPetro’s mud cleaner uses Italy imported motors, which could ensure us a high efficiency in our drilling work. Just like all mechanical parts, the Italy imported motors needs our good maintenance. Normally, 3 months’ working time, we should have a good maintenance for mud cleaner’s motors. 

Mud Cleaner Main Motors-Italy Imported

4. Change broken shale shaker screen. There are 3 pieces of KS steel frame shaker screen for a mud cleaner. If we found some broken shaker screen in our maintenance time, we should change it timely, which will ensure us a safety working environment and let the mud cleaner in a good condition. 

Mud cleaner shale shaker screen

5. Assemble the mud cleaner. After we finished the above four steps, we have finished the 80% maintenance, now we just need to assemble the parts to a whole mud cleaner, then we finished the work of maintenance. 

The above 5 tips about how to maintenance mud cleaner, in our daily oil drilling work, we should have such a consciousness about maintenance mud cleaner. If we do a good job about maintenance it, we will get a good response from the mud cleaner with a good work condition.

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