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36 Pieces of RFD Decanter Centrifuge Are Waiting for Delivery

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We must to say that the 36 pieces RFD decanter centrifuge is really amazed us, the whole factory’s staff. Anyway, this order means not only go along with our quality and service, but also means we have the ability and chance to make more big difference in the near future. 

Let’s talk more information about this P.O: 36 pieces of RFD decanter centrifuge.

36 pieces of decanter centrifuge-Solvedrilling 

Just as you know, RFD decanter centrifuge is different with VFD decanter centrifuge or HFD hydraulic centrifuge, which could provide more power for oil drilling field, and HFD hydraulic centrifuge, is almost used on offshore oil drilling platform. RFD decanter centrifuge is smaller than the other two centrifuges, and it is almost used on land oil drilling platform. 

Solvedrilling FHD Hydraulic Centrifuge

In most situation, we need more pieces of RFD centrifuge to work together to reach the needs of the drilling work, which is the biggest background or reason for our 36 pieces of RFD decanter centrifuge. 

On the other hand, Solvedrilling as an original manufacture of solid control system and drilling waste management unit, decanter centrifuge is the necessary party for the big two system, which means decanter centrifuge is always playing an important role in Solvedrilling two big systems or units. Besides this, we could see that no matter the solid control equipment, such as mud cleaner, shale shaker, shaker screen, vacuum degasser, sand pump, or the drilling waste management, such as cutting dryer, mud tank, screw conveyor, etc., they all have a cleaner line between the two different system, and play an individual and different role in the whole system. 

Solid Control System - Solvedrilling

Anyway, we are really amazing that we can get the P.O of 36 pieces decanter centrifuge, and we are also striving for a bigger and bigger P.O from the international marketing. If you read this post and have interesting about our solid control system and drilling waste management unit, or even our equipment, please feel free to contact us, we are always here to support your any enquiries.

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