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Satellite Businesses and Taxes Reductions of Mud Cleaner

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Paid subsidies to mud cleaner pool are expected to be more than one hundred million, which is the equivalent of more than two hundred million US dollars since mud cleaner is vital in processing oil drilling product like Mud gun. The total benefit of a 100,000 bbl. /d oil drilling industry might reach more than three hundred million US dollars per year if we take into account the decanter centrifuge taxes plus reduced subsidies. Therefore, we may say that the mud cleaner market has great potential and is rather promising since nearly ten dollars for each barrel of the oil drilling products like Mud gun that would be produced. Even if mud cleaner buyers are paid the same for such kind of product it would otherwise have to pay for imported crude. In other words, the cost of mud cleaner will be further lowered and the profit margin of mud cleaner users will be largely enhanced as a result. The question of how does mud cleaner work might be confusing. Much more would be retained in the form of salaries for the mud cleaner workers, satellite businesses, taxes on those mud cleaner salaries, purchases of goods and services to supply the oil drilling industry.

Attention should also be drawn to the mud cleaner satellite businesses since taxes on those purchases will also be reduced by at least fifty percent. The mud cleaner tax relief offered by the investment promotion law could enhance returns. The maximum incentive and exemption from up to seventy percent of mud cleaner income taxes for more than ten years would increase the profit rate from ten percent to fifteen percent at least. To raise the desilter using rate to about twenty percent would cost more than nine hundred million US dollars in lost taxes over the next ten years. The figure is the equivalent of more than two US dollars per barrel of crude oil that is shipped to such nations as France and China. Exemption from all mud cleaner taxes would raise the profit rate to nearly seventeen percent since some nations have initiated mud cleaner programs with major mud cleaner developers and has released a document that suggests terms for mud cleaner production sharing agreements. That document proposes to replace existing mud cleaner taxes with a petroleum tax and a mud cleaner production royalty of up to five percent of revenues. Compared with the mud cleaner incentive scheme, the government would have to give up more mud cleaner tax revenues so as to induce the same increase in profit after understanding how does mud cleaner work. However, the government could share any windfall profits since mud cleaner incentives apply for the full life of an oil drilling project and not just the first 10 years with Mud gun.

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